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June 2017 Newsletter
Great Vision for Project Leaders
June Chapter Meeting:

June 21 

Career Forward
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June 29

PMI NY Metro
Networking Cruise
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Bylaws Changes:
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Members received ballots to vote on the proposed PMINYC bylaws. Check your inbox. Voting is open June 5 - 23.  Read More
June 26 

Project Management
T ransformation

Benchmark Execution Index
Organizations struggle to
achieve their strategies. Studies have shown that as much as 90% of strategies fail to implement
PMINYC Outreach
The PMINYC Outreach Team has been BUSY this spring! See the Team's Programs page for pictures and stories about our recent activities!
President's Message
Stephen Nosal

Karen Fox and I wanted to tell you about our upcoming chapter Nominations and Elections. We ask each of you to think about filling one of the open positions.

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Regional 4 Leadership Institute Meeting LIM

On the weekend of June 2 to June 4, members of PMINYC senior leadership traveled to Rochester, NY for the Region 4 Leadership Institute Meeting.  

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Join PMINYC's Study Group

Tomas Villanueva, PMP
Program Manager Study Groups

Tomas was appointed as Program Manager for the Study Programs in 2016. Within a few months, he  designed a high-quality instructional curriculum to rival any A-list university program. Members in the program enjoy the support and use the tools to pass the PMI credentials exams.   Read more
Calendar of Events

PMINYC Summer Networking Events at the Ballparks!

PMI Friday Facts

Why Bad Projects are So Hard to Kill

Bad projects abound, and research by Project Management Institute and others has provided useful insight into the underlying causes of bad projects.

Tips and Tricks

Gmail users:  Use Gmail's hidden colored stars to better organize important emails

There's nothing like a nicely organized Gmail inbox to take some stress and worry out of your life. But one area of your email may not be as well organized as it could be: Gmail's Starred section.  Read more
Regional Chapter Activities
PMI New Jersey 
June Chapter Meeting
June 20, 2017
The Role of the PMO in a DevOps
Speaker:  Dan Wakeman

Registration closes June 15 
PMI Long Island Chapter (PMILIC) 
Calendar of Events

  Mentoring Program Happy Hour
"Mentoring gives the satisfaction of helping someone, also helps with your own self-confidence when your advice gives positive results." - Liliana Brotchner, Mentoring Program participant.

If you would like to share your knowledge and become a mentor or mentee join the Mentoring Program!
Jennifer Ruda, Program Manager
Angela Edholm, Mentor

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