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Tropical Storm Isaias Alert! Major Rain Scenarios Possible 
The current projections for Tropical Storm Isaias appear to have the potential to significantly impact the Washington DC metro areas. While we recognize that this is only a projection, the projected path could result in significant precipitation and high winds in our area. 
Given this potential, we urge our clients to take all necessary steps to prepare their property for severe weather, such as, but not limited to the following:
1. Secure all equipment, materials, deck furniture etc. out in the elements, whether it be adjacent to a building, on the roof, stored on-site, etc. to prevent them from becoming airborne during the storm.
2. Move all items that could potentially be damaged by flying debris, falling trees, etc. to a secure location or install suitable protection.
3. Keep all roof edge gutters and emergency scuppers cleared of all debris. Make certain that down spout outlets are free flowing. Best practice would be to have the gutters cleaned and flushed in advance of the storm to the extent possible and then monitor them periodically during the rain event.
4. Implement a pre-storm maintenance effort to clear all debris from around any roof drains, deck drains (i.e. at plaza's, parking surfaces, garage and floor deck and trench drains, etc.).
5. Establish a plan to periodically survey the site/project areas during the storm with the Board/residents to make sure debris is periodically removed from the drain grates/orifices etc. to keep the drainage systems functioning.
6. Have unit occupants keep a watch for water leaks around the doors and windows and apply rags and buckets as necessary to control water at the entry site(s).
7. Have the owners note when and where the leaks occurred and how long the water intrusion occurred. It will be helpful to know the rain direction and duration prior to the leak occurrence if that is possible to define.
We ask that any clients/property managers that have special concerns with regard to their project contact our office to get these concerns resolved as quickly as possible.
Hopefully this storm will miss our area, but if not, we want everyone to be prepared so we can all weather the storm without incident.