Helping the Tayul Gonpa Nuns
Dear Friends,

Tayul Gonpa rests in the lush Lahaul valley in the far north of India surrounded by towering snow-capped peaks. Tayul Gonpa is the community where Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo lived as a young woman with fellow monastics for six years before entering her 12-year retreat in a cave in this region in 1976. Some of the nuns who practiced alongside her then still reside at Tayul and continue to dedicate their lives to spiritual development. These nuns play an important role in preserving and passing along spiritual traditions while spending six months of the year in deep retreat.
Tayul Gonpa blanketed in snow. Photo: Tsunma Kalden
Tayul Gonpa was historically supported by a culture that provided for spiritual communities, but this is no longer the case as the population decreases in the area. Tayul Gonpa is no longer able to support the nutritional and medical needs of the nuns and their general well-being. With waning support from the community and their families, the nuns need our generosity.

The Tayul nuns are now in the twilight of their lives and facing old age and sickness, though they continue to radiate much joy and compassion. Two of the nuns are now in their late-80s, one is 80 and the youngest is 62. Funds are needed for their medical expenses as well as their ongoing sustenance. When funds allow, the Tayul nuns share their offerings with other nuns in the valley at Lapchang Gonpa and Lama Gonpa.
Tayul Gonpa nuns: Lhamo (80), Zangmo (86) & Trinley Angmo (87). Photo: Tsunma Kalden
Trinley Angmo chopping her wood. Photo: Tsunma Kalden
Your generous offering will support the basic needs of these aging nuns who have dedicated their lives to the Dharma. May we be inspired by the nuns at Tayul Gonpa and offer what we can in support of their many years of dedicated spiritual practice and the continued transmission of the Buddhadharma.
With gratitude,

Caterina, Chrysanne, Linda, Lindsay and May Ling
DGL Initiatives Board of Directors
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