Hello Friends,

We are a day late this month getting out the newsletter...but the information is still just as good as it would have been yesterday.

I wanted to elaborate on what Raymon has said below about thinking about what you want. I am a firm believer that it works! Throughout my life I always heard him say "think about what you want - not what you don't want" and so I tried to apply it myself. When I was a kid maybe it was a toy or then when I was a teen it was a car, when I was an adult it was starting my own business.

Did I always get everything I wanted all the time? Of course not! No one does... nor does everyone need everything. Any success I have had in my adult life has been due to hard work and dedication. But with that being said I believe that positive thinking played a large roll in it as well.

I own a dance studio and I remember when I wanted to start it I would lay awake at night and think about all the things I needed and what it would look like and how I would decorate and, teach the classes, etc. I started it small and it has grown each year. It has been open for 10 years this year and I feel proud to say that I made it through a pandemic and a shut down and plenty of other ups and downs.

I also believe that along with thinking about what we want, it's just as important to be thankful for it once we get it.

Wishing you all the best!

April Grace

Director of Communications

Raymon Grace Foundation

A Note From Raymon

Howdy Folks,
This month let's think about how we think, talk and listen. 
Einstein is credited to have said. ‘Energy follows thought'. These 3 words have helped me to understand why many people have bad luck. They create it. 
Some of the dis-empowering phrases heard over the years are as follows;
  • If it weren’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all. 

  • When things are going well~~something bad is about to happen. OR this is just the calm before the storm

  • I’m always a day late and dollar short

  • There has always been a hole in my prosperity bucket

  • Every time I save a dollar, there is something to take it. And the list goes on.
In the culture where I grew up, ‘Fear’ was woven into the fabric of most conversations. People would say 'I’m afraid to go far from home because my car may break down.’
They had fears of the kids getting hurt~~fears of losing money ~~fears of buglers and robbers~~ fears of police.
For farmers it was a fear of drought and if that failed, then the fear of too much rain.
There was the fear of getting sick and at this writing, fear is being advertised and promoted more than any time in my lifetime, and possibly more than in the history of the world. Why? because of more ways of communication reaching around the world fast.
My friend George Griffith who lived 99 positive years said it best. 
"Pessimists are seldom disappointed"
The first rule of success is ’Think of what you want~~not what you don’t want.’ Why? Because ‘Energy follows thought.' It is doubtful anyone improved their health by talking about disease and doubtful anyone got richer by talking about poverty. 
People are affected by associating with other people. If you doubt this, here is a question. Would you have ever learned to cuss by yourself?
When working on the farm, whether it is working in the garden, repairing a road, building fence, moving a herd of cows or cutting a dead tree, I create the scene in my mind for a few minutes and imagine the final product. I get a lot of work done this way because I believe Energy Follows Thought.
I grew up in a world where the main topic of conversation was 'who is sick, who had bad luck and who died’. 
It seems people dwell on the details of disease. I am one of the most ignorant people on the planet concerning disease. There is a reason for this, I tried hard NOT to learn. My idea was that if my body didn’t understand a disease, maybe it wouldn’t be able to develop a disease. So far, this philosophy seems to have worked. 
If you are interested enough, there video below to a talk I made for Ozark Research Institute. Starting at 12 minutes into the talk I added a story about building a new knee. You might be able to use this information for a variety of problems. Don’t ask me, try it and find out.

So now that you have this information, what are you going to do about it?
Every morning when you wake up, give THANKS for what you have and what you would like to have. 
Weed troublesome people out of your life and replace them with honest and intelligent people.
Replace pessimists with optimists. 
Discipline yourself to think of the best thing that could happen to you
Give THANKS for the Best Possible Outcome on any difficult situation
Eliminate fear and self destructive thoughts and conversation
Don’t participate in arguments~~~ allow the other person to continue to be wrong
Still hope you folks are enjoying Spring and Fall~~ depending on where you are on the planet.

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Comments From Our Friends Around The World

  • I wanted to share something miraculous that has happened the past few days since receiving your daily clearings. I’m currently living with my sister, her husband and my niece. The energy has completely shifted in the household thanks to your work. I haven’t seen the three of them get along so well in years (decades even!) There has been more kindness, laughter, and helpfulness in the past few days and I’m watching it all in amazement and gratitude.

  • I played the energy clearing video on silent at work yesterday with the intention to bring in more ease and flow and to help raise my confidence in my abilities (as I’m new there) and had the best day that I’ve had there since I started the job 
Energy Clearing Project

Class Calendar

Some of you folks have been asking when I will offer another class and I responded it would be when the restrictions were relaxed.

It looks like this may be happening so here is my suggestion. If enough of you are interested, I will offer a class sometime in July, August or September. Will decide when hear from you.

It will be on a weekend and will be upgraded information as energy has changed a lot.

If interested, let me know as soon as you can and will provide more information and hopefully answer your questions.

Cost will be the same as it has been for years $325 and it will be at April’s Dance Studio in Abingdon, VA.

Email raymon@raymongrace.us to let me know you're interested.