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MARCH 2023
Strategies for Preventing Burnout

Burnout is a significant issue in the workplace that is gaining an increasing amount of attention since the pandemic.Collectively we are all becoming more aware of the impact that burnout has had across industries. By integrating the correct design, system and behavioral strategies, we can build strong foundations that work to prevent as well as heal burnout. Below we have outlined a few strategies that can help do just that!
Design: Maximizing Natural Elements
The office space has historically reflected a largely 'unnatural' environment. As humans we forget that we are designed to live closely connected to nature. Severing ourselves from natural elements such as daylight and plant-life has serious consequences to our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Ideally the goal should be to create working environments that incorporate as much nature as possible.
Daylight is Key

Studies show that exposure to daylight balances our neurotransmitters and hormones by supporting our circadian rhythm. We all know the difference between working in a dark room all day vs working outside or in daylight. One way to expose team members to more daylight is to set workstations to be no more than twice the height of the window from the perimeter. Space division is one of the number one ways that light becomes obstructed in the office. If you're looking to divide your space, we highly recommend glass wall and door systems in place of standard, light-obstructing walls!
Bringing Life in: Biophilia

Studies show that viewing natural scenery brings more feelings of relaxation and lowers anxieties. Whether it's bringing in plants, organic materials or artwork featuring natural scenery, all will help create a feeling of peace in the office which can lower our stress hormone cortisol. Stress hormones like cortisol, when elevated for extended periods of time can lead to energy crashes and in the long-term - burnout. Of course, outdoor workplace environments are ideal, but not everybody has access to outdoor spaces. If the structure of your building or office space comes with limited windows or lacks natural views, you can take inspiration from Biophilic designs by incorporating more plants or natural colors in your office.
Habits & Systems: Foundations for Sustainable Energy
Encouraging Break Time

Sounds simple but break time is neglected in most workplace cultures. While some managers may be reluctant to encourage frequent breaks at work, research is increasingly demonstrating that implementing more breaks actually leads to more productivity, efficiency and can help prevent burnout. Having separate spaces specifically designated for rest is also great way to increase the mind's capacity to stay focused for longer at the workplace. Cues in our environment build connections and associations in our minds--linking specific activities to specific environmental cues over time. In order to stay focused, the mind needs clear boundaries between work and rest spaces. Having break rooms is a significant space element when it comes to cultivating more focus, because it helps our brains to build associations between environments and activities. Organizations and leaders can also implement other helpful strategies such as setting mental health days, allowing flexible hours and encouraging employees to take paid time off.
Product: Supporting the Body
Ergonomic Seating

Poor seating causes muscular tension, health issues, irritability & increased fatigue. The reason for this, is because for better or for worse, most of our time at the office is spent sitting down. We already know the negative impact that sitting for prolong periods of time has on our minds and bodies, but couple that with a poor quality task chair, and you have a real problem on your hands.

The Ideal Task Chair for Focus: Focus 2.0

It’s time to focus with the Focus 2.0 by SitOnIt Seating. Focus 2.0 is designed with expanded customization, advanced functionality and a slimmer silhouette for impeccable comfort. This is the chair with top tier ergonomics, sophistication and superior comfort. Interested? Contact Us
Creating Places to Belong in Health with Kimball International

Thank you everyone who attended the Creating Places to Belong in Health event both in-person and virtually! We had a blast at the Mills building with great food, great conversation and great company! The panelists provided important insights on how design and operations are directly linked to caregiver well-being, burnout and patient experience. We want to be a part of the solution and continue designing spaces that support both caregivers and patients on a nervous system level. Big thank you to Mills building manager Tony Nguyen. 
HNI to Acquire Kimball International

Kimball International and HNI Corporation have announced via a press release that they have entered into an agreement for HNI to acquire Kimball International. The combination brings together two highly complementary businesses and will deliver significant benefits to our dealers, customers, employees and shareholders.

HNI is a leading global designer and provider of commercial furnishings with a diverse portfolio of established brands, including Allsteel, Gunlocke, HON, Design Public Group and HBF. The company, based in Muscatine, Iowa, also shares a similar culture and core values to Kimball International.

We are thrilled for our long-standing partner Kimball International! Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this exciting change!
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