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October 2013


"Dress up your sportswear and dress down your formal wear."  

- Luciano Barbera








Today's casual business clothing is not limited to the traditional dark slacks or khakis with sport coat or blazer. Current options include sophisticated menswear that maintains your individual style while allowing you to dress down.


First, consider pairing a custom sport shirt with a cashmere or merino sweater. High-quality fabrics and fibers offer an undeniably classy look and feel to your clothing, including your sportswear.


If the weather requires outerwear, a tailored casual sport jacket crafted from a heavier fabric can offer you a great-fitting outer layer. This approach works well with traditional tweed fabrics, giving you both a timeless appeal and a custom fit in your casual outerwear.


Next, bring in a pair of tailored flannel or twill trousers to give you perfect comfort and style throughout the day without the informality of jeans. Custom-made trousers can be crafted to your exact specifications and taste.


Finally, select high-performing accessories that coordinate with your look. Leather belts and carry-all bags can help you maintain your professional image and yet still be rugged and functional enough for everyday use.


Call us to discuss updating your business-casual clothing, and we'll share with you our showcase of fantastic casual fabrics.



Kingford Bavender
Question: Can I wear my light-colored suit during the winter?

Answer: Light-colored suits are sometimes made of lighter weight

fabrics, and these will not be as warm as your darker, thicker suits. When choosing between your suits for an occasion, let the weather be your guide-wearing a suit that keeps you at a comfortable temperature is the goal. Your suit should also be comfortable, fit you perfectly, and be appropriate for the event.


If you don't plan on wearing a seasonal suit for part of the year, store your off-season suits in a protective garment bag to limit dust and lint, as well as possible discoloration on the shoulders from light damage.


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