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February 2014



"Clothes are inevitable. They are nothing less than the furniture of the mind made visible."

- James Laver








Tweeds hail from the leisure traditions of the English countryside, and offer you a more relaxed look than your workday suit-but that doesn't mean your tailored tweed sports jacket can't look fantastic. Tweeds are a perfect bridge between dressy and casual options in your wardrobe: it's all in the pairings you create. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Consider adding a light-gauge sweater under the jacket. A vest offers another great opportunity to add a splash of color without overwhelming the eye.

If you're looking for a lighter option, skip the sweater or vest, and bring in one of your more casual ties. A tweed sports jacket looks great over a checked shirt with a plaid tie.

Don't forget to accessorize-a pocket square can work with a tweed jacket. Be sure to choose colors for your square that work well with the jacket. Matte fabrics will often harmonize better with tweed than will shiny ones.

Jeans, corduroy or cotton trousers, and wool gabardine or flannel trousers can all work well with a tweed jacket. Try pairing your tweed jacket with a variety of items from your wardrobe to get the most value out of this comfortable-yet stylish-option. 


Kingford Bavender

Question: Do you have guidelines on how to care for my ties?  

Answer: Ties add a splash of color and personality to your ensemble, but are often overlooked when it comes to maintenance and storage. If you spend a little time on your ties, you'll get a better return on your neckwear investment.

  1. Avoid stains. A vest or a tie bar can minimize the chances your tie may end up in your meal. When a stain occurs, blot it dry immediately, then dry clean if needed.
  2. Untie it. Loosening the knot then lifting the whole apparatus over your head can stretch the fabric fibers. Instead, reverse the tying procedure you used in the morning.
  3. Hang it up. Your tie will attract fewer wrinkles if it's on a hanger in the closet than it will on the back of a chair or on a dresser, even if it's only there for a few hours.
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