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What's Included in the Bassology Around the World Puerto Vallarta Trip?

  • 17 Hours of Bassology Group Lessons taught exclusively by Anthony Wellington
  • 3 Private Lessons with Anthony Wellington
  • 1 Moderated Virtual Bassology Clinic with Anthony Wellington Live for Q&A
  • 1 Moderated Virtual Songwriting Clinic with Anthony and artist John Luskey Live
  • 1 Guest for free!
  • 7 Nights in Puerto Vallarta
  • Welcome Dinner with authentic traditional Mexican food
  • Private Performances by some of Mexico's finest musicians
  • Roundtable talks with professional musicians
  • Guest teacher group classes
  • Breakfast every morning
  • Our curated list of restaurants, excursions, beaches, music hotspots, artists' shops and more
  • A day off to explore and rest
  • Countless memories to last a lifetime with loved ones and friends, old and new!

What's the format for Bassology Curriculum?

Bassology Around the World Puerto Vallarta 2024 Curriculum is delivered exclusively by Anthony Wellington in three formats: private lessons online and in person, group lessons, and virtual clinics.

You will receive three private lessons. The first lesson is via Skype before you arrive in Puerto Vallarta. The second is during your stay in Puerto Vallarta. The third is within 60 days after BATW Puerto Vallarta. This helps you prepare to get the most out of the group classes, addresses stumbling points you discover during class, and gives you a chance to get Anthony's help with whatever Bassology topics you are working on when you get home.

Before you arrive in Puerto Vallarta, you will attend a virtual clinic replay called "The Four Ways of Knowing a Music Concept." This unique Anthony Wellington concept is one of the foundational principles upon which Bassology is built. Tamatha will moderate the clinic, and Anthony will come on live for Q&A afterward.

A special treat we have for you is a replay of the Songwriting Clinic we did with artist John Luskey. It is as entertaining as it is educational. I promise you laughs and heartfelt wisdom from one of the songwriters and entertainers we respect most. John and Anthony will come on live after the replay to answer questions.

You and your peers will receive 17 hours of group lessons. Anthony Wellington will teach his world-class, thorough, effective, and easy-to-grasp Bassology curriculum. Anthony is especially gifted in teaching to all levels at all times, challenging the beginning beginner just as much as the advanced pro, and all in the context of the same lesson. You have to see it to believe it! And you will!

Are all Bassology Around the World students bass players?

No, not at all! Anthony Wellington's Bassology curriculum is effective for any instrument, including your voice, because music theory applies equally to every instrument. Anthony is a multi-instrumentalist and has had students from all over the world speaking many different languages and playing just about every instrument except the kazoo!

It sounds like you also have some "enrichment experiences" planned for us, yes?

That's right! We want you to experience authentic Mexican culture and gain insight from the perspective of the artists we know and love.

Our classes and events will be in a house in the hills in a quiet Puerto Vallarta neighborhood overlooking Banderas Bay. You'll see the gorgeous Sierra Madre mountains surrounding all that happens here. You'll see the vastness of the bay and the communities big and small that line the shores. You'll see Puerta Vallarta below and trees above. What better way to have a sense of where you truly are?

You and your guest (who joins you for free!) will stay in the beautiful homes we have selected for you. Each has its own character, and all are true to Mexico's unique architecture and decor. You just can't get that from an all-inclusive resort, no matter how many sombreros they hang on the wall!

We will start Bassology Around the World Puerto Vallarta with a performance by our friend and respected artist Alejandro Martinez Gil. Alejandro invited the people he loves to play with most to perform exclusively for Bassology students and their guests. These folks are so much more than talented musicians- they are beautiful souls.

Following the performance, our friends and chefs who have developed recipes for some of the finest restaurants in Mexico will provide our Family Welcome Dinner. But this won't be something small and fancy on a big plate! Oh no! We've asked Ever and his family to prepare for us what his grandmother would have prepared for him for Sunday dinner when he was a boy.

Later in the week, Alejandro and Anthony will kick back with us and talk about being professional musicians and living an artist's life.

Our Mexican friends and artists Luis and Carmen will join us for the week. Luis is fluent in English and Spanish and funny in both! He is a long-time Bassology student, so we can count on his translations to mean what Anthony intends them to. Luis is also a bassist and percussionist. He is going to teach us traditional world rhythms!

If the spirit moves us, we may do a meditation session with Luis' percussion and singing bowls before class one day.

Carmen's art (and business) is baking! I have a feeling it's going to smell really, really, really good in the teaching house one day when you get there! I will lock Tamatha 'Sweet Tooth' Bechtel on the roof that day to make sure there are goodies to share when you arrive for class!

And all week long, Ever (yes, that is his name, and wow, are you EVER gonna love him!) and his family will provide traditional breakfasts at each of the houses.

We will also give you our own curated list of things to do, places to go, and people to see. We don't want you to fall into a tourist trap- I hear they're worse than a mousetrap!

All that said, do you know what the biggest "enrichment experience" is? It's YOU! The people we meet from around the world and the heartfelt sharing of learning, living, and exploring are unmatchable. In the words of Tamatha, "Every Bassology Around the World trip has had a profoundly positive impact on who I am and how I wish to be in this world."

That sounds AMAZING!

Now tell me about Puerto Vallarta!

Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful, lively place with something to offer everyone!

Puerto Vallarta is nestled into the foothills of the massive and majestic Sierra Madre mountains as they formidably meet the sea, which is called Bahía de Banderas. That translates to “Bay of Flags,” which will only make sense to you when you see the layers and layers of mountains in the morning sun. 

Puerto Vallarta has several distinguishable neighborhoods, like the traditional 5 Deciembre neighborhood, where you will spend time in the teaching house, which we have lovingly named Casa Bassology. The most well-known neighborhood is The Romantic District— cobblestone streets, artisan shops, music everywhere, delicious food every ten steps, gorgeous plants, and historic buildings. It’s a bustling feast for the eyes, ears, and tastebuds!

Puerto Vallarta is an artist haven, with musicians, painters, sculptors, gardeners, dancers, writers, poets, composers, and artisans all thriving in this community. Puerto Vallarta has respect for artists and the arts. Not in the “put on your fancy clothes and go to a fancy place with fancy people” kind of way. It’s earthy. Art is everywhere here! Artists can live comfortably here and be full-time artists. So there is an abundance of beautiful things and beautiful people.

I could go on, but I’ll show you a picture worth a thousand words! If you’re ever bored in Puerto Vallarta, it’s because you want to be!

So we are getting a day off from class to go on adventures?

That's right! And you will have time every day to explore and chill with your guest. We teach FUN-damentals! This is EDU-TAINMENT!

We've planned the teaching schedule so you can even do an overnight somewhere else. Within a reasonable drive into the mountains are two "Pueblos Magicos," which is the Mexican Tourism Council's designation of a historically preserved, beautiful town.

We've been exploring Banderas Bay and the surrounding mountain areas for two years and haven't even begun to see it all!

You aren't joking about bringing a guest for free???

Nope. No joke. We know that nobody wants to have to choose between the person they love and the activity they love when they have limited vacation time and don't have a bottomless well of vacation money! So this is the best of both worlds. Your "non-student" guest shares your room, gets breakfast, and attends the Welcome Dinner and performance. Your guest is as much a part of the Bassology family as you are!

If your guest wants to be a student, you will need to pay for the curriculum part of Bassology Around the World Puerto Vallarta 2024. However, their accommodations, breakfasts, Welcome dinner, performance, and all the other extras are still free.

Ok, I'm in, and my wife wants to come. But we have 3 kids, and her parents want to come, too. Can we bring them all?

Of course! Your wife is your non-student guest, so there's no extra charge for her. Contact Tamatha (respond to this email), and she will find accommodations that meet your budget. She will let you know the little bit extra you'll need to pay for the kids and your wife's parents to get the "extras" we share with guests, like the Welcome Dinner. We would love to introduce your family to our Bassology family!

How do I enroll in Bassology Around the World Puerto Vallarta 2024?

The first step is to decide what type of accommodations you would like based on your needs and desire for luxury. We offer economy, standard, upgrade, and upscale housing.

When deciding, remember two things: first, you will need to budget separately for the things not included in Bassology around the World Puerto Vallarta 2024. The "must haves" that are not included are transportation to, from, and around Puerta Vallarta and meals besides breakfast and the Welcome Dinner. We strongly recommend travel insurance, but that is your choice.

The second thing to remember is that "value" and "luxury" are not the same thing! All of our students and guests will receive the same value for this and all Bassology events and trips. We give everyone our best, equally. Luxury is a personal preference that has nothing to do with us personally or Bassology as a school. Luxy is an option. Value is who we and all of you are!

All houses are shared with other Bassology students and their guests, with each having their own room and a private bathroom that they share only with their guests if they bring one. Houses have 3-5 bedrooms and plenty of common spaces inside and outside. Housemates have breakfast together prepared by our chef, and this is where the foundation of friendship typically begins. We love that!

All houses are in gated communities, as is traditional in Mexico. They all have Wi-Fi, kitchens with all the basics, linens, air conditioning, and private parking on the property. All houses have plenty of common spaces, like rooftops, terraces, backyards, and living rooms, so you can chill at home with or without company.

The second step to enroll is to make a deposit based on your accommodation preference. Here are your choices:

Upscale "Casa Corales"

Casa Corales is in the hills overlooking Banderas Bay in one of Puerto Vallarta's most exclusive neighborhoods. It features four bedroom suites with private bathrooms and 2.5 other bathrooms in the living room, the rooftop jacuzzi area, and the pool terrace.

Each bedroom has ocean and mountain views, a TV, and a terrace.

There are several dining and lounging spaces on four floors of this spacious house and property. The rooftop terrace includes a jacuzzi, sitting areas, and a place for outdoor dining. Not to mention stunning sunrises and sunsets!

Lighting fixtures are exclusively designed by a Jalisco artist.

$5100 US

includes Bassology Around the World Puerto Vallarta 2024 and 7 nights for one student and one guest

Deposit $510 US

Make Upscale Deposit Now

Upgrade "Casa Garza"

Casa Garza is a very short walk to the beach and is in a gated community with cobblestone streets and lovely tropical landscaping.

It features ocean views, a private pool, three master bedrooms with ocean views, and private bathrooms.

Casa Garza is decorated with the colors, ironworks, brick, and tiles that make Mexican homes so easy to love!

$3973 US

includes Bassology Around the World Puerto Vallarta 2024 and 7 nights for one student and one guest

Deposit $397 US

Make Upgrade Deposit Now

Standard "Casa Zen"

Casa Zen is in a quiet family neighborhood with mountain views. It features a private pool and terrace.

It has three floors plus a rooftop and has four bedrooms, each with a private bathroom.

Casa Zen is a 10-minute ride to the beach and the Malecon.

$3397 US

includes Bassology Around the World Puerto Vallarta 2024 and 7 nights for one student and one guest

Deposit $340 US

Make Standard Deposit Now

Economy "Casa Amigos"

Casa Amigos is in a quiet family neighborhood about twenty minutes from all the tourist hotspots. It has a private patio and backyard.

Casa Amigos features new appliances, parking on the property, and all the modern amenities. It has three bedrooms with three private bathrooms.

$2817 US

includes Bassology Around the World Puerto Vallarta 2024 and 7 nights for one student and one guest

Deposit $282 US

Make Economy Deposit Now

Can I share a room with another Bassology Around the World Puerto Vallarta student?

Yes, of course! We have rates for two Bassology students sharing a room. Reply to this email and ask Tamatha to contact you with those rates.

We don't match students up to be roommates, though, so that part is up to you.

What's NOT included in your listed rates for Bassology Around the World Puerto Vallarta 2024?

Travel to, from, and around Puerto Vallarta is not included in the Bassology Around the World Puerto Vallarta 2024 package. The airline code is PVR. You can find reasonably priced flights from nearly anywhere in the world. Some US domestic airlines, like Southwest, fly to Puerto Vallarta and often offer the best rates compared to international airlines that charge extra for baggage.

If you drive, each house has private parking, but some houses only have parking for two cars. Those spaces will go to the first two students who put a deposit on that house.

Taxis and Ubers are easy and inexpensive in Puerto Vallarta. If you wish to have a private driver, please respond to this email, and Tamatha will arrange for that service for you.

Meals besides breakfast and the Welcome Dinner are not included.

Excursions and "extras" are not included. Puerto Vallarta can be enjoyed without those things, so that is a personal preference we leave up to you. We will provide our list of curated excursions, restaurants, musicians, day trips, overnights, etc.. Tamatha can book excursions from this list for you.

When will I be be invoiced?

You will receive two invoices to pay the balance after your deposit. Each invoice is 50% of the remaining balance after your deposit. Your deposit is 10% of the total amount due. Your first invoice is 45% of the total amount due (which is 50% of the balance due after your deposit). Your second invoice is the remaining balance, the same amount as the first invoice.

Invoice dates are February 1, 2024, and March 1, 2024.

Invoices are due on receipt. Invoices offer several methods for payment. We do not allow partial payments for the invoice.

What is your cancellation policy?

Your deposit, less a $37.50 US administrative fee, is refundable for 72 hours (3 days) from the time of our receipt of your deposit.

Beginning on the 73rd hour, your deposit is nonrefundable. Your deposit is 10% of your total for Bassology Around the World 2024. Because we have to make nonrefundable deposits for our services, we have to have nonrefundable deposits.

From February 1 to February 29, the invoice payment is 70% refundable (but the deposit remains nonrefundable).

From March 1 to March 14, the invoice payments are 40% refundable.

Beginning on March 15, your payments are not refundable.

We strongly recommend trip insurance!! If you choose your trip insurance wisely, you can recoup amounts that are not refundable by Bassology Around the World if you have to cancel your trip. We also recommend that you choose to include a medical rider in your trip insurance policy.

I have another question.

We are happy to answer your questions. Please respond to this email. Tamatha will respond to your "around the world" questions and I will respond to your Bassology questions.

Hey Y'all--

Most of you know by now that we have fallen in love with Mexico. We can't wait to share what we love-- the people, food, places, music, colors, landscape, vibe-- with you!

!Te esperamos con amor, abrazos y aventuras!

We wait for you with love, hugs, and adventures!

Warm regards,

Anthony Wellington

Bassology Founder


Tamatha Bechtel

Bassology Director of Business Development

Hidden Beach, Marietta Islands, Mexico, December 2023

Bassology Around the World combines Anthony Wellington's love of teaching music theory and its application with his love of travel to create exciting and innovative learning opportunites for his beloved students. We cultivate friendships based on adventure, devotion to learning, personal growth, and a passion for music.

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