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NUMBER 30 - FEBRUARY 28, 2013
Message to Members re Government Discussions


In January, ETFO made a commitment to revisit its advice on participation in voluntary/ extracurricular activities by March 1st.


As you know, ETFO has been engaged in provincial discussions with the government since Premier Wynne took office. The tone and nature of these discussions has been respectful and positive.


ETFO remains committed to working with the government to find meaningful ways to address the current issues facing the education sector. Working with a government team that understands the education sector, we are hopeful that the goodwill extended by the government to date will result in concrete solutions.


Beyond the initial commitments made by the government team to listen, engage in positive dialogue and explore a more inclusive process for future bargaining rounds, it is going to take real actions to regain the confidence of members in light of the very flawed process during 2012 that resulted in the loss of their fundamental democratic rights.


ETFO will continue to participate in these positive discussions. We look forward to responses from the government team that address the key issues that ETFO has brought to the table on behalf of members.


In these circumstances, ETFO's advice regarding voluntary/ extracurricular activities remains unchanged.

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