We are grateful for your prayers!
Thank you for joining us this week as we at the Baptist World Alliance pray for our worldwide Baptist family and for God's work around the globe. If you pray along with us weekly, you will be able to pray for every part of the world each year!

2 Member Bodies
Canadian Baptist Ministries
  • 997 Churches
  • 86,749 Members
Canadian National Baptist Convention
  • 404 Churches
  • 23,130 Members
Pictured is Dr. Anna Robbins, President and Dean of Theology at Acadia Divinity College, the seminary of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada. She participated in the Women in Ministry panel at the BWA's Baptist International Conference on Theological Education (BICTE) in Nassau, The Bahamas, in July.
Please join us in thanking God for the leadership of Canadian Baptists, including Jennifer Lau, Associate Executive Director of Canadian Baptist Ministries and BWA Vice President-Elect for 2020-2025.

Please join us in praying for unity after recent elections and for churches facing new challenges – that they may continue to witness boldly to the gospel in evolving multicultural, multireligious, and secular contexts.

United States of America

20 Member Bodies
American Baptist Churches USA
  • 5,081 Churches
  • 1,158,875 Members
Baptist General Association of Virginia
  • 1,376 Churches
  • 614,575 Members
Baptist General Convention of Missouri (CHURCHNET)
  • 150 Churches
  • 43,000 Members
Baptist General Convention of Texas
  • 5,347 Churches
  • 2,024,997 Members
Chin Baptist Churches USA (CBCUSA)
  • 109 Churches
  • 13,315 Members
Converge Worldwide (Baptist General Conference)
  • 1,312 Churches
  • 322,293 Members
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
  • 1,800 Churches
  • 750,000 Members
Czechoslovak Baptist Convention of USA & Canada
  • 4 Churches
  • 700 Members
District of Columbia Baptist Convention
  • 156 Churches
  • 40,000 Members
General Association of General Baptists
  • 821 Churches
  • 50,365 Members
Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Society, USA
  • 2,600 Churches
  • 1,160,000 Members
National Baptist Convention of America, Inc. International
  • 12,336 Churches
  • 3,106,000 Members
National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.
  • 21,145 Churches
  • 8,415,100 Members
National Missionary Baptist Convention of America
  • 300 Churches
  • 400,000 Members
North American Baptist Conference
  • 380 Churches
  • 50,000 Members
Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc.
  • 1,200 Churches
  • 1,500,000 Members
Russian-Ukranian Evangelical Baptist Union, USA, Inc.
  • 14 Churches
  • 950 Members
Seventh Day Baptist General Conference USA & Canada, Ltd.
  • 76 Churches
  • 3,000 Members
Union of Latvian Baptists in America
  • 5 Churches
  • 104 Members
Zomi Baptist Churches of America
  • 36 Churches
  • 3,500 Members
The North American Baptist Fellowship, one of the BWA's six regional fellowships, recently held their annual meeting at the BWA office in Falls Church, Virginia, USA.
Pictured is a special prayer commissioning time at the 6th Annual Conference of the Zomi Baptist Churches of America in 2018.
General Secretary Elijah Brown was honored to participate earlier this year in the solemn gathering of more than 400 people in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of Angela, the first enslaved person in the United States. He wrote, "It was an honor to stand with many others in the press for healing and freedom." The event was followed by a tour of Simmons College, an historic black college that has been providing education since 1879.

Join us in thanking God for the leadership of Jeremy Bell, regional secretary of the North American Baptist Fellowship, and for the diversity of the member bodies within the United States. We also give thanks for the faithful service of current BWA Vice Presidents Naomi Tyler-Lloyd and Jerry Carlisle, who is also serving as Congress Committee Chairperson for the 22 nd Baptist World Congress in Rio de Janeiro in July 2020.
Join us in praying for unity among Baptists as they lead in mission and service during this time of dissension in the political and societal landscape.

Rachel Conway-Doel, Baptist World Alliance Forum for Aid and Development (BFAD) Facilitator, is currently serving in Venezuela, including speaking at the Congreso Nacional UNBJ as well as conducting further assessments to develop relief efforts during this time of economic instability for the people of Venezuela.
General Secretary Elijah Brown and Director of Advancement & Global Impact Churches Philip Nation were blessed to visit the Korean Baptist Convention, the Far East Broadcasting Corporation, and to serve at numerous churches in the region. Dr. Brown was also blessed to preach in chapel at Korean Baptist Theological University and Seminary and to spend time with former BWA President Billy Kim.
Pray as General Secretary Elijah Brown as he prepares and travels to Stark College and Seminary to attend various events on campus and to lead the Board through a time of intentional reflection about engaging international theological reflection in the world today.
A Prayer for Life in Freedom

God of all hope;
hear our prayer.
When money becomes a prison:
free us to choose life.
Where wealth turns into addiction:
free us to choose life.
When income determines worth:
free us to choose life.
Where poverty equals invisibility:
free us to choose life.
When economies deepen injustice:
free us to choose life.
Where greed invents new oppressions:
free us to choose life.
when finance rules every decision:
free us to choose life.
where consumption replaces compassion:
free us to choose life.

Keri K. Wehlander, Canada)