August 2023

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Water: Your Essential Partner for Outstanding Workplace Performance

by Chris Farmer

In our demanding professional lives, we often overlook the importance of one vital element - water. This humble, life-giving liquid does more than just quench our thirst; it plays a critical role in driving our workplace performance, backed by complex biological mechanisms. Regularly drinking water fuels our physical performance, sharpens cognitive function, supports our immunity, and ensures smooth digestion. Click HERE to learn more about the impact of water in our lives. As we navigate our busy professional lives, let's pledge to prioritize our hydration. Start with a glass in the morning, keep a bottle at your desk, and set reminders if needed. Let's use the power of water to unlock new heights of productivity and well-being in our careers.

12 Ways to Make Today a Great Day

The Detrimental Effects of Political Partisanship on the Housing Industry and Mortgage Finance

by David H. Stevens, CMB


As everyone is critically aware, in recent years political partisanship has become increasingly dominant, permeating various aspects of our lives, more often in detrimental ways. Unfortunately, the housing industry is not immune to this divisive trend. The persistent gridlock, ideological battles, and lack of cooperation between political parties have had a detrimental impact on the housing industry and all of it’s supporting business lines. Looking at why political partisanship is harmful to the housing sector and how it hampers progress and stability is important for all in our collective industry to recognize and to explore ways to make clear that housing should not be a political tool. Click HERE to read on.

Happy Work Anniversary Julie Krupnick!

This month Julie is celebrating her 5th anniversary with Bankers Title. Before Bankers Title, Julie served as Office Manager and Title Underwriter for Pembroke Title. Julie’s background in office management and title work has afforded her the skills necessary to step into the position of Settlement Processor with Bankers Title. She lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia with her husband, Tom. She enjoys volunteering with the American Diabetes Association and has participated in several diabetes trials through the University of Virginia. When she is not volunteering, Julie enjoys travel, working out at 9 Round Fitness and other healthy lifestyle activities with Tom.

Please help us congratulate Julie on five years of dedication and outstanding service!

Happy Work Anniversary Olvia Martin!

Congratulations to Olivia on celebrating her first anniversary with Bankers Title this month. She serves as a Settlement Post Closer. Since joining our team, Olivia has excelled and broadened her job duties to include many daily agency operational tasks. Olivia is a graduate of Ferrum College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. Before working for Bankers Title, she held multiple positions in banking, including working in Loan Operations. In her free time Olivia enjoys travelling, working out, and visiting her family and favorite nieces as often as possible in her hometown of Gladys, Virginia.

Please join us in congratulating Olivia on completing a full year of providing exceptional service to Bankers Title and its clients.

Yun: Latest Inflation News Bodes Well for Housing

by Melissa Dittmann Tracey

Inflation in June saw its smallest gain in more than two years, which translates to smaller increases in consumer prices. That could help build greater confidence among would-be home buyers to enter the housing market. “Low inflation means low mortgage rates,” says Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of REALTORS®. “Therefore, decelerating consumer prices could steadily lift home sales and increase home production in a few months.” Click HERE to read on.

Please consider participating in the Tech for Troops Golf Tournament

on September 11th at Richmond Country Club

A Bit About Tech For Troops (T4T)

Tech For Troops is dedicated to empowering Veterans and their family with computers, skills, and Information Technology (IT) work force training. We are a non-partisan, non-discriminatory Veteran services organization. Our vision is to turn your donations into Training, Education and Technology for Veterans and their family in need. Working computers can provide a new life to struggling Veterans rather than being discarded. Many Veterans face two significant barriers when competing in the modern workforce: the lack of a computer and the lack of the skills needed to effectively use that computer. T4T supports these Veterans by collecting used technology that would usually end up in landfills, then refurbishing the laptops and other devices. We provide the reloaded technology, along with training, to Veterans in need for low or no cost. Click HERE for more information and to register to play in the Tech for Troops Golf Tournament.

Bankers Title is a Proud Sponsor for the Tech For Troops Golf Tournament.


How To Boost Employee Morale & Motivation: Manage the One (8 Steps)

by Paul Yoachum

Employee morale and motivation play an essential role in the success of any organization. Employees are more likely to be productive and committed to their work when they feel valued, engaged, and motivated. The responsibility of a manager is to create an environment that boosts morale among your team members. But how do you boost employee morale and motivation? More importantly, how do you find ways to motivate every individual on your team? Working with people who think differently than you can be challenging, but it will make your team better overall. In this article, we’ll review several ways to boost employee morale and motivation by managing to the one. Click HERE to read on.

Creating The High-Performing Virtuous Circle
To Help Your Team Grow, Give Them Space to Struggle


6 Strategies to Position Banks for Growth Post-Recession

by Jaime Dominguez, The Financial Brand

All too often, banks scale back in uncertain times, but that can be the wrong response. As our white paper notes, “Executives often make short-term decisions that affect long-term strategy. This includes broad-based reductions in investments in technology, innovation, talent, back-office modernization and customer experiences. With many financial institutions in the midst of major business model changes, cost cutting must be much more strategic — with some savings reinvested in the areas of greatest long-term value.” The whitepaper outlines six strategies financial institutions can employ now so they’re ready for growth once the economy recovers. Click HERE to learn more.

Small Businesses, Big Opportunities

4 Ways to Earn the Respect of a More Powerful Colleague

by Nihar Chhaya

When you are stuck in an unequal power dynamic, it helps to remember that not only is the placement of power temporary, but you can equalize it. In this article, the author outlines four strategies you can use to creatively pivot in the moment and frame the connection differently, so that you are building the respect you deserve and positively shifting the perception of your power. Click HERE to read on.

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