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Join us October 5-13, 2024, for the 52nd Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta powered by ExxonMobil in Albuquerque, New Mexico. More information will be available at in the coming weeks.

Balloon Fiesta Insider

The 51st Balloon Fiesta was a great success! We welcomed guests from around the world and celebrated nine days of ballooning, with excellent flying conditions on most days. We saw the Albuquerque Box present on several occasions, balloons that represented 12 countries, the launch of the 66th Gordon Bennett race, the completion of a sand sculpture and so much more! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support of Balloon Fiesta and we hope that you had just as great of time as we did!

Missing something after returning home from Balloon Fiesta? All found items have been sent to Balloon Fiesta’s main office, located at 4401 Alameda Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113. Balloon Fiesta’s office is open Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. MT. For more information, please call 505-821-1000.

Nancy Wertz Inducted into Balloon Fiesta Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Nancy Wertz, for being inducted into the Balloon Fiesta Hall of Fame! Nancy leads the landowner relations team with Balloon Fiesta. Safe landing spaces continue to be an important piece of having a successful event and her work has been integral in making Balloon Fiesta what it is today. See past inductees, here:

Cindy Petrehn Memorial Photo Contest

The deadline to submit your photos to the Cindy Petrehn Memorial Photo Contest is quickly approaching! Submissions for the 51st Balloon Fiesta will be accepted through October 31, 2023. The Grand Prize winner will receive $1,000. Entries must be submitted online and into one of six categories. Learn more, here:

Merchandise Update

Thank you to each and every one of you who purchased a piece of Balloon Fiesta to take home with you, while at the event! The Official Merchandise tents and Gift Shop were buzzing with activity from open to closing, every day. Merchandise from the event that was not sold on the field is making its way back up to the gift shop and online store. So, keep an eye out for these items to appear on in the coming weeks. Additionally, new items for the holidays will also be making their way to Balloon Fiesta’s Gift Shop. For the inside scoop on these holiday items and other Balloon Fiesta merchandise, keep an eye out on our weekly blog, What’s Up Wednesday, on 

Faces of Fiesta

Name: Martha Gonzales

Title: Controller

Years with Balloon Fiesta: 4 years (3 Events!!)


Overview: I started my career with Balloon Fiesta, learning from home due to the pandemic. This was the year of the “Fiesta Siesta”. I have enjoyed the challenges that each year brings. I have added crewing to my weekend activities along with spending time with family.



Rapid fire with Martha:

Time your day starts during Balloon Fiesta: My day starts with Dawn Patrol and ends around 11:00 p.m. when there are two sessions.


Favorite spot on the field to watch the balloons: I love to be on the field but most of the time I am watching them from the landing at the Public Safety building.


Current favorite special shape balloon: ALL OF THEM!!

Inside the Basket

Eldita Garcia was a first-time guest at the 51st Balloon Fiesta. 

In this month’s Inside the Basket, she shares more about her experience, the memories that she made with her daughter and favorite tips for other’s planning to attend the event. 

October in Ballooning

During the 51st event, Balloon Fiesta set the new world record for the number of remote-controlled balloons in the air at one time. On Wednesday, October 11, during the morning session, 58 of these balloons were in the air for at least 10 minutes, breaking the previous record of 55.

October Photo-of-the-Month

We have received some beautiful pictures of past years’ events, submitted through Balloon Fiesta’s social media! Below is the photo chosen for October. Thank you to Facebook user Judi Heller!

Do you have a Balloon Fiesta photo that you’re proud of? Share your favorite Balloon Fiesta image on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag our page for a chance to be featured in next month’s newsletter!

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Sponsor Spotlight

Thank you to ExxonMobil, Swire Coca-Cola USA, New Mexico True, Xfinity and all sponsors of the 51st Balloon Fiesta! The success of this year’s event is largely in part because of you! We hope that you enjoyed the exposure of your brand to the hundreds of thousands of guests at the event. We look forward to working with you again for the 52nd Balloon Fiesta. If you would like information on sponsorship options for the 52nd event, please contact Stephanie Prendergast at

For a complete list of Balloon Fiesta sponsors, click here.

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