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Join us October 7-15, 2023, for the 51st Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta powered by ExxonMobil in Albuquerque, New Mexico. More information will become available at in the coming weeks. Plan ahead - The 52nd Balloon Fiesta is scheduled to take place October 5-13, 2024.

Balloon Fiesta Insider

Being a guest and flying a balloon aren’t the only ways to be a part of Balloon Fiesta. The applications are now live for four important opportunities:

  • Navigators: Our amazing volunteers, also known as “Navigators” are essential to Balloon Fiesta’s success. With 45 different teams, there is a fit for all skill levels and interests. To learn more about becoming a Balloon Fiesta Navigator, check out this video on our website.
  • Zebras: If you’ve ever been to Balloon Fiesta, you surely spotted a launch director on the launch field. Also known as “Zebras” for their black and white outfits and flair, the launch directors help pilots launch their balloons safely and efficiently. To learn more about becoming a launch director and to apply, visit this page on our website.
  • Concessionaires and Artisans: Balloon Fiesta offers concessionaires and artisans the unique opportunity to sell their products to a captive, on-site audience of hundreds of thousands of people. Our guests are typically upscale consumers who will no doubt want to purchase food and merchandise during their visit. To learn more about becoming a featured concessionaire or artisan at this year’s event, visit our website.

Balloon Fiesta Generates $203.19 million of Economic Impact

Organizing and hosting an event the size of Balloon Fiesta every year is an effort that includes not only our staff, board and volunteers, but our entire community, city and state. Being able to understand the benefits that it brings to local businesses and individuals is important to the work of our team. 


The 2022 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta generated $203.19 million of total economic impact for businesses in the Albuquerque metropolitan area. The nine-day event attracted an estimated 828,800 guest visits with an estimated 76 percent of its visitors traveling from outside of New Mexico. Of the estimated $203.19 million of total economic impact, direct spending by Balloon Fiesta guests at local businesses is estimated to be $119.52 million. The Balloon Fiesta commissioned Forward Analytics to conduct the 2022 economic impact survey.


Full 2022 Economic Impact Report:

Sponsor Spotlight

A special note from Rick Cannon, ExxonMobil’s New Mexico Production Manager: 


“On behalf of ExxonMobil, I’d like to extend our heartiest congratulations to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta staff, volunteers, balloonists, members of the local community and fellow sponsors on a successful golden anniversary. As the 2022 - 2024 Presenting Sponsor, we are delighted to see that one of New Mexico’s most cherished, renowned and enchanting traditions continues to serve as a tremendous economic engine for the Albuquerque area and the Land of Enchantment during the week-long festivities. Through more than two hundred million dollars in direct spending, taxes and wages, the 50th Balloon Fiesta brought about an economic impact befitting the important role it has in New Mexico’s culture and tourism. We are honored to play a small part in helping power this incredible economic engine and world’s largest hot air balloon event as we look forward to another successful and magical Fiesta this October.”

Thank you for your support, ExxonMobil!

For a complete list of Balloon Fiesta sponsors, click here.

Merchandise Update

We are excited to announce that our merchandise team is introducing new, year-round products, available online and at the Balloon Fiesta Gift Shop. This line will celebrate Balloon Fiesta in general and will not feature an event date or theme. The first products to be featured are a new t-shirt, featuring the Tru-Lee sugarskull balloon design and a coordinating tile. To shop these items and all our available merchandise, visit our online store.

Inside the Basket

We welcomed hundreds of thousands of guests to Balloon Fiesta Park this year; some event veterans, others were visiting us for the first time. It’s our hope that whether new or returning, every guest has a magical visit.

In this month’s Inside the Basket, we get to hear from first-time Balloon Fiesta guest, Kari Harris from Wichita, Kansas, who visited Balloon Fiesta with her husband and friends.

Faces of Fiesta

Jennifer Garcia

Title: Event Director

Years with Balloon Fiesta: 11


If you have a question about Balloon Fiesta, there’s a high probability that Jennifer knows the answer! After 11 years with our team and four different roles within the organization, Jennifer now serves as the event director. She’s responsible for all flight operations, officials, pilots, special events and coordinating flights with the City, FAA, KAFG, ABQ Sunport and officials. Jennifer is also a licensed hot air balloon pilot.


Rapid fire with Jennifer:

Time your day starts during Balloon Fiesta: 3:30AM

Favorite spot on the field to watch the balloons: Amongst the crowd…nothing beats seeing a first timer’s wonderment.

Current favorite special shape balloon: The grey cat with x’s for eyes!

February in Ballooning

In February of 1975, the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) hosted the first Valentine Balloon Rally. As the largest community ballooning organization in the world, AAAA is dedicated to promoting the sport of ballooning. AAAA continues to host a Valentine Rally every year, now known as Friends and Lovers. The event is held every year at Balloon Fiesta Park, features more than 100 balloons and is open to the public.

February Photo-of-the-Month

We have received some beautiful pictures of the 50th event. This amazing Dawn Patrol shot was posted by Kristie Ashley, on our Facebook Page.

Do you have a Balloon Fiesta photo that you’re proud of? Share your favorite Balloon Fiesta image on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag our page for a chance to be featured in next month’s newsletter!

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