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No wonder  state GOP leaders refuse to allow an independent audit of party finances.

This report will glaringly show why HIRA has been openly critical of the leadership of the Republican Party of Hawaii.  We at HIRA get asked: "why don't you go after Democrats instead of our own party?" or "why don't you stop the circular firing squad?"  The answer is twofold...first, if we expended all of our efforts messaging and working against Democrats, it would be for naught with a state party so ineffective and corrupt.  Second, we have no chance of ever beating Democrats and getting a Republican majority unless we "clean the inside of the cup" first.  Read on and we think you will agree.

SPOILER ALERT :  Longtime party boss Miriam Hellreich confessed to fraud during last weekend's secret Hawaii GOP leadership meeting; admitting to defrauding Republicans in raising money to pay the party's mortgage for the Kapiolani Blvd. headquarters.  In implicating herself and others, Hellreich acknowledged high-level party corruption in the handling and repurposing of the supposedly dedicated mortgage funds for other unauthorized purposes . . . while trying to keep a happy face on the brewing scandal.

Contrary to Hellreich's repeated public promises that every cent of the recent Martinez event and all past Capital Campaign events would be used ONLY to pay the party's mortgage, Hellreich told a different story  at the recent meeting of the party's state committee.  Attendees of the secret meeting heard explicit confirmation of the party leadership's deliberate and sustained deception concerning party finances .

And, it's all on tape.   WATCH VIDEO HERE

Keep a few things in mind as you watch the video:
  1. Donors and ticket buyers for the recent event featuring New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez were explicitly, repeatedly promised in advance that their monies would only be used to "pay off the mortgage".  (samples below)
  2. Donors and ticket purchaser were not informed that their monies could or would be secretly diverted by party leaders to expenses other than the mortgage .
  3. Per the Pat Saiki instigated Rules change in May 2015, these monies can be spent on anything that party leaders want -- and Miriam Hellreich knew this while she and her salespeople were promising the opposite .
  4. ALL MONIES raised over the past five years in the name of "the mortgage", ( Lee Greenwood event, Sidewalk Sale, Pat Saiki event, Susana Martinez event ) can be spent any way party leaders want .
A Bait and Switch on party members to buy fraudulent fundraiser tickets is something that a sleazy fake charity would do.   Hellreich and her sales team knowingly and deliberately duped prospective donors and ticket buyers (for the party's recent Martinez fundraising event) that their generous contributions would 'definitely' go to the party's mortgage payment and that the money would not be used for any other purpose.  After criticizing the Hawaii Republican Assembly ( which Hellreich calls "our party's dissidents ") for publishing documented allegations about the state party, Capital Campaign Chair Miriam Hellreich implicated herself by admitting to orchestrating a bait and switch.  Not only was Hellreich lying, she admitted that ALL monies raised over the past five years for the party's Capital Campaign to pay the mortgage can be secretly repurposed for party spending other than the mortgage.

Listen to Hellreich's confession and you will conclude that she confessed to:
  • Hardly any money raised to "pay off the mortgage" has been applied to the mortgage's principal.
  • Party leaders are taking their time using the money raised to actually pay off the mortgage.
  • Money from the 'burn the mortgage' campaign was used to pay debts other than mortgage.
  • Party leaders have raided the mortgage fund for other programs due to poor Hawaii GOP fundraising throughout the year.  [Gee, any wonder why?  How about no message, no fight, neutral platform, wasted opportunities, etc.]
  • Donations and ticket proceeds were applied to the mortgage ONLY if donor and ticket buyers took the extra step of specifically directing that their Capital Campaign monies had to be used to pay the mortgage . . . even though event publicity stated the event proceeds were for the mortgage.
  • Party leaders really like receiving the excess of cash from deceived mortgage fund donors.
  • Party leaders know they need to avoid the bad publicity from exposure of money mishandling.
  • Party leaders knowingly duped ticket buyers and donors by selling the October Martinez event as a mortgage event even though the rules for use of the funds were loosened months earlier.
  • ALL funds raised in the name of the mortgage (Greenwood event, Sidewalk Sale, Saiki event, Martinez event) can and have been used by party leaders for uses other than paying the mortgage.
  • Hellreich begs other party leaders to start using the remaining money only for mortgage and Hellreich would like to see mortgage paid off.
  • According to Hellreich's confession, HIRA was 100% correct .  Donors were duped as regular party expenses ( items other than the mortgage ) were paid for with mortgage dollars.
May 2015 Rule Change:  Months before Hellreich started selling tickets to the Martinez event, party leaders used the May 2015 state convention to adopt then party chairman Pat Saiki's rule change which made it possible for money raised for the Capital Campaign 'burn the mortgage' building fund events to be used for expenses other than the mortgage:  SECTION 417. FINANCIAL CONTROL. (2) The Party's budget shall include a separate account designated as the "Headquarters Building Fund Account." The Building Fund Account moneys shall be used for . . . such other expenses as the State Committee may determine by majority vote."

The standard promise in the Martinez event solicitation ( above ) is identical to the promise made for previous Capital Campaign events, despite Saiki's significant change to party rules and the ongoing treatment of 'mortgage funds':

In an earlier version (below) sent on August 6th, Hellreich specifically promises donors that "Funds will be used to pay off the HRP headquarters mortgage".

Hellreich's army of telemarketers, including Carol Thomas, Barbara Marumoto, and Mark and Mimi Torreano , spent months eagerly employing Hellreich's false talking points in their written and verbal sales pitches for the $200 per person Martinez event tickets:   Mark - " All money raised will be used to pay off the mortgage on the party headquarters ."   Mimi - " The money will be used to pay off our mortgage at headquarters ."  Though HQ never announced to party members the rules changes, both Torreano's were registered delegates to the state convention in May which liberalized (or loosened) the rule so that the mortgage monies could be spent however party leaders want.  Yet, they unquestioningly parroted Hellreich's fraudulent talking points .

When HIRA exposed this fundraising scam and showed that tens of thousands of dollars had disappeared from the party's 'mortgage fund', party leader Pat Saiki put her 'integrity' on the line by lashing out at HIRA in an October 10th e-mail to Republicans in Hawaii.  Saiki's message?  " The funds raised to pay the mortgage were used to pay the mortgage and never secretly used to cover other expenses. The charges made are false and destructive."  Hellreich's taped confession proves HIRA's allegations to be 100% correct.   Like Hellreich, Pat Saiki is just as guilty.   Pro-abortion, pro-union, liberal Saiki vouched for the fraudulent solicitation AND the crooked accounting orally and in writing.  Fraud co-conspirators Saiki and Hellreich obviously weren't counting on a diligent executive committee member to record the meeting .

According to state law, " Charity fraud may also occur when a legitimate charity represents that funds will be used for purpose 'X' but the money is used for other purposes ."  According to Hellreich's confession, that is EXACTLY what happened.  Lying to people by mail, phone, e-mail and promotional flyers was a conspiracy to defraud Republicans .  The party has a legal obligation to reveal the fraud to its ticket buyers and to law enforcement.

In the wake of terrible revelations from HIRA's expose about the phony mortgage fund, the recording captures Hellreich pleading for the state committee to not use all mortgage funds for other purposes and to start using that fund only for the mortgage.  ***  Why would she beg to restrict the use of mortgage funds for only the mortgage if that's what she and party officials and representatives had guaranteed? ***

At this same meeting, Hellreich's longtime associate, the party's paid bookkeeper Kathi Thomason , suddenly 'resigned' after HIRA raised the specter of an audit of the party's books and raised major discrepancies between the amount of the unpaid mortgage and Hellreich's past reports of the proceeds from previous "Capital Campaign" events.  Saiki's hand-picked treasurer Gwen Honjo was ousted at this same meeting.  Saiki reminded new Treasurer Mary Smart that she shares in the fiduciary responsibility and criminal culpability for corruption past, present, and future.  Believe it or not, Rohlfing appointed this new party treasurer in charge of auditing her own work.  We expect this behavior from the Democrat run state and county governments, not from Republicans.

Party sources tell HIRA that Hellreich has damaged the GOP by incriminating herself.  Hellreich's previous denials of wrongdoing will be 'inoperative' now that this recording of her confession is made public.  She has lied the entire time.  Pat Saiki supported her lies.  Party leaders circled the wagons.  Now we know the truth.  The ramifications of their deceit and fraud are widespread.  Nobody but the most brainwashed obsequious sycophant will again believe Rohlfing, Hellreich, Saiki and the rest.  Remember . . . friends don't let friends commit lies and fraud.  The Republican state committee is culpable in the lie and cover up, not more than one spoke up.  Republican legislators and candidates embody a lack of integrity and will - not one spoke against these lies and the fraud, including the several who were present in the meeting.      

The next time someone from the Republican Party of Hawaii promises the party will use money for a specific purpose , be it for the mortgage or to win elections, donors will always be suspicious once they've been lied to with the backing of the party leadership.

HIRA'S ADVICE:  Do not give a penny to HRP until an independent audit has been conducted and published, and these leaders are gone.  Donate directly to worthy GOP candidates.  It's time for these corrupt, dishonest, self-serving serial prevaricators to resign or be removed from party office.  It's time for zero-integrity Hellreich and Saiki to join equally corrupt Fritz Rohlfing far away from party headquarters.  It's time for these crooks to go.  Resign or be removed.


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