November 2020 Newsletter
In this season of Thanksgiving during this particularly difficult year, the Bainbridge Public Library Board of Directors, Kitsap Regional Library staff, Friends of the Library, Friday Tidy volunteers and the members of the many volunteer committees who maintain our treasured library home would like to thank all of you for your support. The Bainbridge Public Library is a tribute to the energy and the generosity of our entire community. From the past, through today and even into the future we’ve been gifted with your donations, your resilience and your continued dedication to the library that Bainbridge built. With heartfelt gratitude we celebrate you!
Leaf by Leaf, Growing Into the Future...
Legacy Circle Members Cindy and David Harrison

“We are so happy to be supportive of our Library's past, present and especially its future, through a legacy commitment. To us, there's nothing more important to Bainbridge Island's strength than the Library. From books to gardens and education to inspiration, BPL shelters the Island's treasures for everyone. We're glad to be among the many thousands of Islanders who revel in its services."

~ Cindy and David Harrison

You, too, can make a pledge to the future by becoming members of the Bainbridge Public Library Legacy Circle. Visit our website,, and click on A Lasting Legacy under the Support BPL tab to learn more about putting your leaf on the Library’s Legacy Tree. You can leave a message at 206-866-1250 or email us at to make your pledge.
From the Library Garden
As the rains return, the arid soil slowly adapts to nourishing our library gardens’ roots again. This is the perfect time to celebrate our Friday Tidy volunteers. Each one is essential. Each one believes in service. Each one finds joy (I hope) in the tasks of all gardens-weeding, mulching, composting, planting, and enriching the soil. This is an opportunity to recognize one of the most intrepid gardeners in the group, Eleanor Garthwaite. She is the only nonagenarian in the group!

In her earlier years, she was a Navy wife and traveled extensively at the Navy’s whim with her husband with tales of adventures of the wildlife in tropical locations. Later, she was a pivotal member of the Sequim Prairie Garden Club as their Horticultural Chair. She is a gifted speaker and gave regular talks about flowers, plants, soil, and weeds. She even dubbed herself the “Queen of Weeds”.  

Once she moved to Bainbridge Island, her public service continued. Ann Lovejoy provided transportation and she provided her skills. She rarely missed a Friday, gardening and weeding in the Mixed Borders. She always wore a bonnet and taught me how to use a bucket to gracefully get up off the ground after every joint says, “This is a challenge!”. Even in her 90s, her spirit and energy are a gift to us all. Thank you, Eleanor, for your hours of service.  
Friends of the Library Book Sales - Buy a Bag of Books?
While the library is not open to the public, the Friends of the Library are unable to hold our normal book sales. However, we are going to try a "Buy a Bag of Books" idea which would work as follows:

WHAT: Books would be packed by FOL volunteers into a paper shopping bag and sealed by taping or stapling the bag closed with the genre contents written on the outside. No one except FOL volunteers will have handled these books since they arrived to our book room. The books have been quarantined for more than 96 hours.

WHEN: The bags of books will be available for pickup Monday through Saturday, 10 AM to 1 PM.

WHERE: The bags of books will be located under the awning by the Children's Library entrance. Access is from the Children's Library parking lot facing High School Rd.

HOW MUCH: Each bag of books is priced at $5. What a bargain! We also have a limited number of bags of DVDs, each filled with 20 DVD's for $10.

HOW TO PAY: You can pay for your bag(s) of books two ways. You can pay online by clicking here and making a donation to the Bainbridge Friends of the Library for the number of bags you want to purchase. Leave a note with the online donation indicating when you would like to pick up your bag(s). The bag(s) will be waiting with your name written on it. You can also just drop by and select one or more bags and pay in cash or by check.

CAN I SELECT WHAT GENRE I WANT?: Yes, if you pay online and leave a note telling us what genre you want to buy, a FOL volunteer will fill your bag(s) according to your wish. It will be waiting when you pick it up with your name on the bag. If you want to pay cash or by check when you choose one or more of the bags outside on a cart, you may be limited to the genres that are already packed and on display. (The genre contents of each bag is written on it).

If you have any questions, just send us an email at
What's Up With Facilities?
As noted in previous newsletters this year, numerous projects of varying scope are underway. By year end the Facilities Committee plans to complete the last piece of the drainage enhancement project (new rain leaders), install an additional HVAC system to improve both temperature control and air quality, and install new entry arches to the Japanese Garden. Significant time and energy have been invested in each of these projects so their completion will be celebrated.

As always, lots of other, less noticeable projects have required our recent focus: annual fire inspection, lighting upgrades, paint touch-up, new door trim guards, window washing and gutter cleaning, crawlspace fan repair, and cleaning/repair of our largest art display - the hanging boats.
As always, our overarching goal is to keep the Bainbridge Public Library and gardens a safe, clean, welcoming, and beautiful Island resource.
Have You Seen This Library?
This is arguably one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. It is the Biblioteca Joanina at the University of Coimbra in Portugal. Built in the early eighteenth century at the behest of Portugal’s King John V, the Joanine Library was constructed to house the book collection of the University of Coimbra. The structure was built in the university courtyard on the ruins of a medieval royal prison. The exterior is characterized by stone walls, brick vaults, and a timber roof covered by clay tiles, and throughout the 1720s bronze workers, glaziers, painters, and other craftsmen ornamented the interior. The stone floor is patterned with geometric motifs, and the plaster ceilings are decorated with allegorical trompe-l’oeil paintings. The library was finished in 1728 and housed its first books in 1750. Its Roccoco splendor houses the university’s archival collection of over 56,000 volumes from the 16th to the 18th centuries.

At Biblioteca Joanina and the Mafra Palace Library, both, curiously, located in Portugal, and both built in the 18th century, small bats, about an inch long, act as guards against book-eating insects! 
Books Worth Sharing!
The Searcher
By Tana French

Cal Hooper, a recently divorced and recently retired Chicago cop, chucks life in the big city for a ramshackle cottage in rural Ireland. He’s looking for peace, quiet, and a chance to clear his head of the demons crowding there. But no sooner has he begun to whitewash his walls and clear out the detritus left by the former owners, but he’s set upon by a teenage girl who begs him to look for her wayward brother, Brendan. From that moment on, Cal’s life is not his own and he learns that the hills have eyes and ears, and the tranquil Irish country life is not quite so. Asking too many questions can be dangerous no matter where you live, but in a closely knit, inbred Irish village it can prove deadly. In this latest mystery from Irish phenom Tana French, what seems like a simple plot is deftly teased into a quietly heart-pounding, breath-holding tale of cat, mouse and coming of age. She has said a classic western was her inspiration for the story. Cal’s a guy I want for my neighbor; he navigates the turbulent waters of rural Ireland (or maybe the Wild West?) with time worn grace and a clever punch. This is truly Tana French at the top of her game!

~ Susan Braun
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Did You Know?
  • Bainbridge Public Library, a separate nonprofit organization, owns, operates, and maintains the Library building and grounds through community donations and grants.
  • Kitsap Regional Library provides the library staff, collection, classes, and a virtual library at with funding from property tax revenues.
  • Together we provide the quality library our community wants and has come to expect.
Be safe... Be well!