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Illumination from the Enteric Nervous System Shadow Puppetry from My Intestinal Wall by Erik Peterson

Happy Holidays!!!  Celebrate the season at First Friday Art Walk, December 6 with Erik Peterson, December artist, who will host an opening reception 5-7PM His exhibit is titled 
"Illuminations from the Enteric Nervous System/ Shadow Puppetry from My Intestinal Wall".  
Here is Erik's description of the exhibit:

The paintings of this exhibit by Erik Peterson were made between the years of 2008 and 2012 while living and working in Seattle.  Two large canvases dominate the exhibit.  Both are in oil paints and depict narrative scenes of unnerving, layered, and ambiguous beauty.  Strong composition and structure ground the viewer, while fluid painterly marks and color relations create a highly dynamic surface.  Imagery of architecture and young girls are present in both.
"Forgive Me", the earlier of the two, utilizes the composition found in the Van Eyck bothers' painting from the 15 th century referred to as "Adoration of the Lamb".  Peterson's rendition of it has been blown up in size, subject, and content.  The foreground is populated by girls in dresses and yellow wings running, playing, fighting amongst piles of bricks rendered as if hallucinated more than actual bricks.  The center of the canvas is occupied by Van Eyck's lamb shadowed by a looming helicopter.  The background contains deteriorating buildings and wind turbines with a dark sky replacing Van Eyck's optimistic and heavenly blue one.  Certainly there is meaning in this but it is not made evident.
"Responsibility and Restraint" is a vertically oriented canvas whirling with color, high contrasts, and evidence of a circus carousel.  A linear depiction of a girl, or maybe the spirit of one, seems to grasp at a guard rail, her dress in movement with the carousel, while her gaze is steady and patient.  
Smaller paintings from the same time period will also be on display. 

You can view this exhibit during the month of December as well as on the library website,  A podcast interview is also available at  

May you have a joyous and peaceful holiday season and as always, we are grateful for your support of local art and your Bainbridge Public Library.

~ Linda Meier, art coordinator
Giving Thanks - To You!

It's with a deep sense of gratitude that Bainbridge Public Library thanks those who read our newsletter, utilize the library building, attend BPL programs, give time by volunteering on various committees, and making monetary donations to the upkeep and improvement of the library's building and grounds. We get no tax dollars but rely on folks like you to make "your" library what it is today! We really couldn't do it without you, so thank you!

BPL Board members
Books Worth Sharing

The Dutch House
by Ann Patchett

At the end of WWII, Cyril Conroy parlays his epic sense of real estate strategy into substantial wealth and with it the purchase of a stunning estate in the suburbs of Philadelphia. An architectural gem, it overwhelms his young wife and ultimately becomes the undoing of all that Cyril holds dear. The story is told by Danny, Cyril's son and Maeve, his brilliant and resilient daughter. Truly a riches to rags tale, Cyril's family is upended by his wife's sudden departure, his early death and the avariciousness of his young widow. Before his funeral flowers have wilted, she banishes Danny and Maeve from the house, penniless, and rules as mistress of the manor with her two young daughters. Ah, but Danny and Maeve are their father's children and imprinted with cunning survival skills which, despite the pain of a past that will not fade. In the shadow of the once grand house, they find that redemption, forgiveness and even love is possible. Ann Patchett once again thrills us with a family saga populated by people we cannot fail to care about and a fairy tale setting that wows us with its substance and artistry. 

~ Susan Braun
Have You Seen This Library?

The Irene Ingle Public Library in Wrangell, Alaska serves a population of about 2500 people. It offers WiFi, ebooks, audio books, Nooks and Kindles, interlibrary loan, a community meeting room and is supported by an active Friends group. Wrangell is the only community in Alaska to be governed by 4 nations and under 3 flags: Tlingit Nation, Russia, Britain, and the United States. Other cultures have influenced Wrangell including the Chinese that were imported to work in the fish canneries and the Japanese active in the timber industry.

~John Fossett
One Call Campaign Continues!


Each year BPL participates in One Call and many of our donors have found how easy it is to make their donation this way. Remember, OCFA takes $0 from your donation - there are no hidden fees or costs. Each gift of $20 or more earns BPL a share in the Community Fund. It's also an easy way to budget your giving by setting up monthly donations either through the BPL website or One Call for All. Last year the campaign raised a record $1.5 million. We appreciate and put to good use every gift received!
Friends of the Library Book Sales

The Bainbridge Island Friends of the Library book sales offer gently used books, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks and magazines to support the Friends, who in turn reinvest in the library through endowment gifts, programming and special events, magazine subscriptions, the aquarium in the Children's Library and much more. Daily, scores of donated books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, and other items arrive in our book room.  A crew of volunteers work three days a week to sort, price, organize, and shelve these donations for our sales.  As a result, our stock of books and other items on display for sale is constantly renewed. Over a year's period, we receive several hundred thousand books and we are proud that we have only gently used, often new appearing books on our shelves.

Mark your calendar for book sales at Bainbridge Public Library:

Thursday, December 5th
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Saturday, December 14th 10:00am - 4:00pm
Monday, December 23rd 10:00am - 4:00pm

Did You Know?


  • Bainbridge Public Library, a separate nonprofit organization, owns, operates, and maintains the Library building and grounds through community donations and grants. 
  • Kitsap Regional Library provides the library staff, collection, classes, and a virtual library at with funding from property tax revenues.  
  • Together we provide the quality library our community wants and has come to expect.  
Thank you for your support.