School is in full swing and schedules have been adjusted. With Labor Day a week away, it may be time to fill in the gaps and cover the little things you may have forgotten.
Last week on Facebook we featured an article from CNBC about our aging infrastructure and the obvious problems with our water. It states that " According to the EPA, 41 states had  Action Level Exceedance  (ALEs) in the last three fiscal years, meaning states have reported higher than acceptable levels of lead in drinking water." Now this may not come as any great surprise to most, but the scary part about this article was the actual cost that it would take to repair this problem. It would cost a little more than $80 billion over a nine-year period to protect businesses from losing about $150 billion and could protect homeowners from about $60 billion in costs associated with water-related issues. How long will it take our government to agree on spending $80 billion over nine years? It has already been three years of reporting ALEs. The Action Level apparently must be taken by us.Complete article details.

So you cover your drinking water needs at home with the eWater Under C ounter RO system (right) or if you are unable to use the RO unit you do the next best thing with eWater Filtration pitcher (left). What about all the times you are not at home? The filtration pitcher works well in offices, dorm rooms, teacher's lounge, break rooms, and anywhere you are limited to tap water. We even have a special coupon at the bottom for the filter pitcher for everyone who forgot to send their new college student off with one. The last place you think about and possibly the most important time proper hydration is needed is during activities. Filling your own water bottle with RO water that has been run through the Vitalizer Plus and bringing it with you is the best option for getting the best water possible. However, that isn't always the case or it simply runs out during a workout or activity. 
For the athlete, outdoor enthusiast, or anyone on the go having the eWater Squeeze Bottle (left) is the answer.  We will be introducing the eWater gym pack coming up in the next couple weeks that will pair the squeeze bottle with an eWater shaker bottle with supplement storage cup in the bottom. You can find a special coupon for the shaker bottle at the bottom. This bottle is extra important for student athletes to carry in their bag because most of the large orange Gatorade containers of water are simply filled withe ice and water from hose. With three hundred uses before having to change the filter, the squeeze bottle is a fantastic athletic accessory. 
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Usually we talk about smoothies packed with powerful protein and raw nutrition to take on the day, but this week we flipped it! This time the smoothie is to help you sleep. Packed with natural tryptophan and magnesium for muscle relaxation, you are going to love this special night time treat.
  • Warm Almond Milk: Almond milk contains both tryptophan, an amino acid that acts as a sedative, and magnesium, which acts as a muscle relaxant.
  • Banana: They contain melatonin and serotonin, which help you sleep soundly, and magnesium, a muscle relaxant.
  • Cherries: A natural food source of melatonin, which helps regulate sleep.
  • Nutmeg: Acts as a natural relaxant and helps induce sleep.
  • Honey: Used for years as a natural sleep aid, honey contributes to the release of melatonin.

Back to school cold is the worst!
"They're so cute and unaware, though. They'll have boogers hanging out of their nose and will be talking to you and not think anything of it. Some teachers flip out, but I tell my students, 'Go get a Kleenex and wash your hands.' When they sneeze, I teach them to do it up to their elbows. They learn eventually."  -Julie Miller

Great teacher quote, but certainly the type of thing that leads to the cold. If your family hasn't already be struck with a back to school cold, be prepared. If you have already or are currently dealing with the back to school cold you know how bad it can get. The Nano Viral Set is what you need to have on hand. Used as directed upon the first introduction of symptoms, supports the body's ability to substantially marginalize negative effects. Synergistic sequence amplifies results considerably. Attack the cold with the eWater