Parents, please log into your FACTS Family Portal to confirm your contact information is current by Wednesday, September 6th. The Directory will go live on Thursday, September 7th. The information that will be shared in the directory includes: Name, Address, home phone, cell phone and email address of parents


As summer weather continues, summer clothing is still preferred by all. Please remind your student that bare midriffs and short skirts, dresses, and short lengths above the fingertips when arms are alongside the body are out of code. Many warnings have been made and repeat offenders will be asked to stay after school for a work detention


New this year: PDK Phone Access to Buildings

  • Students can now use their phone to access our buildings per regulated permissions
  • Your student should have received an email from PDK or ProdataKey to download the app
  • Students should download the PDK app while they are at home/off campus because the firewalls at school will not allow them to do it on campus
  • Students who do not wish to have Cell Phone Access may request a Keycard by emailing: facilities@vchsweb.org to make the request
  • 2023-2024 Door Access Credential User Acceptance form must be completed for all students. This form is found in FACTS Family Portal (formerly RenWeb)
  • Beginning Wednesday, September 7th, students must use keycard or phone to access building, no doors will be opened for them unless in the case of an emergency
  • Coming soon, SchoolPass visitor sign-in management for anyone wanting access to our buildings - more information to come in Saints News


  • The only student parking available in the West Lot (in back of the academic building) is purchased, assigned and painted parking spots. These are for those students who have already purchased a Paint Your Parking Spot
  • All other student parking is on a first-come, first-serve basis, unassigned in the East Lot (on the other side of the gymnasium) 
  • Any student wanting to park on campus must complete the Student Vehicle Registration form in FACTS (formerly RenWeb) and then obtain a Campus Parking Permit Decal from Mrs. O’Brien
  • Students are never allowed to park in any parallel spots along either building at any time of the day
  • Students may not park in any spots marked “Reserved” in the East Lot (100, 116, etc.)
  • Students with assigned spots in the West Lot may not move their cars to the East Lot until after 3:30 or after school is out on Fridays
  • Students must adhere to the VCHS Campus Parking Policy at all times
  • Failure to adhere to the guidelines and policy will result in loss of campus parking privilege


  • Coming soon, SchoolPass Management where parents can enter student appointments, absences, early dismissal and more
  • Until SchoolPass is launched, if your student is going to be absent or late due to an appointment, etc. please email attendance@vchsweb.org at your earliest convenience
  • If you know your student will be absent ahead of time, they need to complete the "Pre-Excused Absence" form that can be obtained from the front desk


  • The following forms are required for every student at VCHS and can be found in FACTS Family Portal (formerly RenWeb):
  • 2023-2024 Door Access Credential User Acceptance form
  • 2023-2024 G Suite Consent Form
  • 2023-2024 Field Trip Permission Form - Vail Valley
  • 2023-2024 Over The Counter Medication Form so they can take advil, etc while at school - parents will choose which OTC medications on the form
  • Any of the following forms that pertain to students should also be completed and can be found in FACTS Family Portal (formerly RenWeb)
  • Student Prescribed Medication Form
  • 2023-2024 Allergies & Dietary Restrictions Form
  • 2023-2024 Student Vehicle Registration
  • 223-2024 Junior | Senior Lunch Permission


  • Click here for Rustic Farm to Fork Lunch Details
  • Please visit our website calendar to see when Hot Lunch is not available this fall

Please email Shannon O'Brien with any back to school questions

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