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March 26, 2024

Reminder: this Sunday, March 31, 2024 is Easter!  March is traditionally linked with March winds, and that must be true since the month has just blown in, and blown out for 2024. To think that last week, I found one lost, lone Christmas decoration that got overlooked, and that I just put away, and now Easter is upon us. I thought things were supposed to slow down as we get older and have the chance to finally do the things we love to do, but that is just some old Urban Myth that someone with a very bad sense of humor started! My reality (and yours, too, I’d bet!) is that “the hurrier we go, the behinder we get!” But the best part of that is that we never run out of things to do, and to need, and to want, we stay active and busy and productive, and we don’t let the issues of time get us down. We do now have the maturity to say “If not now, when?” and we can also answer with confidence “Eh, sometime down the road; the world won’t stop turning if I don’t drop everything to do something NOW.” And time becomes a friend as we get older, right? Because we’ve learned to manage it better! All that being said….I still think it’s too early in the year for Easter. How about you?

FYI…as you expect, we WILL be Closed Easter Sunday, and we DO wish you a very warm and happy Easter!!!  

For a quick before-Easter project, you might consider Thursday’s Intro. To Bags class with Lynn M., or Friday and Sat.’s JumpStart beginner’s quilting class with Andi. Make a simple bag for Easter candy or a gift for your table. The JumpStart is our “Let’s learn to quilt/piece/sew a beginner-type project”. You will be making a tablerunner for your project, with your choice of fabrics. You should have it finished just in time for the Easter table decoration, so don’t miss out. Get signed up for both classes now. AND…we still have a few of the Easter Door Banner Kits available, and you can definitely get them made before this Easter. This one features a Bunny, eggs and Easter wishes. A small but cheerful project for any door in your home, or the door of someone in a care center----I love that idea!

Check the calendar at the shop or online at www.sunvalleyquilts.com for April’s upcoming classes. Coming back for you, at your request, are Bags Camp, Rope Bowl making class, and Edge-to-Edge quilting in the hoop with Jan. These class dates are for the second and third weeks in April, but it’s never too early to get your calendar organized.  

I need your help, please, for a topic you’d be interested in for our April SEW SMART on the 13th! I’m fresh out of ideas, so I need a boost from you. I may not know the answers, but as I learned many years ago, I have a good idea where to find them, so what topics would you like to discuss? Just let me know, and we’ll see what we can do. Otherwise, our April SEW SMART could be an April SEW SMART Dud!

Our special fabric of the week, especially for those of you headed back to your other home, is BATIKS, at 20% off your purchase of them when you give us the code BATIKS20. Nice and simple. Batiks pack nicely, flatly, if you’re traveling, and we have a very large selection of them in shop. You can also order online, with the code, and all can be found on our online section when you type in www.sunvalleyquilts.com, then click on the Fabric tab.  

I had a long talk with Murfee last week, and I told him how proud I was of him, since he’s turning into such a good boy! I never thought that was possible, but he is growing up into a fine young Irish boy. Then I dropped a bomb on him and told him if he didn’t start doing some interesting things that I could tell you about, I’d have to consider getting another puppy to show him how annoying puppy behavior can be but also how entertaining it can be. He just stared at me, expressionless, with those big brown eyes, and then he started licking my face like I had peanut butter slathered all over it. Of course, I started giggling and the more I giggled, the more he licked until I could get all four of his feet on the floor and I could stand up and out of his reach. Then he put his front feet on my shoulders, laid his head against my neck, stayed still while giving me a great big hug, then got down and trotted away! Guess he told me a thing or two about good v. bad behavior, as I laughed at him and told him “You still got it, Mr. Murfee, and you still rock my world with laughter….. and don’t chase the bunnies this week!”

Have a wonderful week, stay safe out there, and remember to laugh and enjoy even the little things in life!

Barbara and the bevy of beautiful bunny banners blowing in the breeze

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