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Ashe County Entrepreneurs:

Great Resources to Jumpstart Your Business' Success

Congratulations on starting your new business!


I remember when I started my own small business in rural NC. Finding resources to help was difficult---there simply was no roadmap.  It was tricky and time consuming to figure out what to do next. Was my business plan solid? Where could I get a small business loan? What kind of documents would that lender need from me? And who in the community could help me promote my business?


I would have loved to have had quick access to experienced, professional advisors to help me get off to a great start—right from the beginning. That experience is why I started Rural RISE NC—Resources for Innovators, Start-ups, and Entrepreneurs—for you.


Rural RISE NC provides this important roadmap of resources to you. This initiative connects you with small business lenders, business counselors, and more—within your community and beyond. And even better, many of these resources are free. 

We have made it easier for you to find these resources with a new web page,


Below is just a sample of the resources you’ll find on the web page. Please search by Ashe County, and start connecting with professionals who will help increase the likelihood of your success. I am confident they can help your new business RISE to the next level.


Ashe County Economic Development’s mission is to promote economic growth and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Ashe County by attracting new businesses, retaining and expanding existing businesses, and partnering with community stakeholders to support an entrepreneurial environment. Regardless of whether you are starting a new business or expanding an existing business Ashe Economic Development is here to assist you. We will connect you with essential resources to support the growth of your business.

Contact Ashe Economic Development - Cathy Poe Barr

150 Government Circle, Jefferson, NC 28640


New Business Checklist

Stay on the path to success.

Download and step through this checklist, which contains some of the key ingredients to help you succeed—including links to many free resources.

Find Funding

Identify and build relationships with lenders.

Learn more about CCI

Learn more about the

Kiva program

Apply for a Kiva microloan

Carolina Community Impact (CCI) is a non-profit community development financial institution (CDFI) focused on providing loans to small businesses that may not qualify for traditional financing. The Central NC Kiva Hub allows us to provide 0% interest small business microloans through a crowdfunding platform that taps borrowers' friends, family, supporters, as well as a community of 2 million lenders hoping to expand access to capital for all.

For more information, VISIT THREAD CAPITAL

Thread Capital is a non-profit community development financial institution (CDFI). We are a small business lender whose mission is to provide access to capital, coaching, and connections to rural underserved communities. We provide small business loans from $500 up to $100,000 for existing businesses and up to $50,000 for startup businesses. But we don’t stop there. We provide coaching and connections to ensure that business owners are connected to the support they need to thrive.

By combining comprehensive business courses, coaching and small business loans, Mountain BizWorks will help your small business find the best path to success! Consider us your personal ally—our team of business experts is dedicated to helping you start and grow the small business of your dreams!

Ashe County Lenders

Click here to view and download a list of lending institutions in Ashe County.

Connect With Local Resources

Meet contacts who can lend a hand.

Contact SBC Director

Laurie Brintle-Jarvis, MA  

via phone 336-838-6166 or email

to get started.

Wilkes Community College’s Small Business Center (SBC) supports the development of new Ashe County businesses by being your community-based provider of FREE counseling, training, and resource information. Our professional staff will help you find solutions to challenging business questions, provide assistance in the creation of a business plan, and more. No question is too simple or too complicated. SBC understands the unique challenges that local businesses encounter, and we’re ready to help.

Connect With An EDPNC

Small Business Advisor

1-800-228-8443 or


EDPNC Small Business Advisors is a free service for anyone seeking to start a small business in North Carolina. We offer one-on-one, confidential phone consultations to people interested in starting a business, small business owners in need of general support, and entrepreneurs interested in moving to North Carolina. We’re here to answer your questions and help you navigate topics like regulatory requirements, licensing stipulations, small-business training, and more.

Learn How

The SBTDC Can Make Your Business Better


Please Contact Your

SBTDC Office in

Hickory at 828-345-1110

or Boone at 828-262-2492.

The Small Business & Technology Development Center’s Hickory and Boone offices have resources that can help you better understand existing customers and find new ones, identify industry trends, learn best practices for human resources, marketing, management, and more. We provide management counseling and educational services to small and mid-sized businesses. Our business counselors offer CONFIDENTIAL, FREE one-on-one assistance to help you with your business plan. Please reach out to the SBTDC today for assistance starting and/or growing your business.  

For More Information, Contact Kitty Honeycutt,

Executive Director 

via Email 

or Call 336-846-9550

There are many reasons to join the Ashe County Chamber of Commerce–just ask our nearly 500 members! The benefits range from perks to help you start your business, including a free ribbon cutting and newspaper ad, to continued business support and marketing, as well as ongoing opportunities to network throughout the region. Additionally, we operate the Ashe County Visitor Center, which increases businesses’ exposure to the many visitors to the coolest corner of North Carolina!

Stay In Good Standing

Understand the requirements to maintain registration.

The Annual Report is a simple, one-page document, required by State law to keep your business current and active on the records of the NC Business Registry at the NC Secretary of State’s Office. The current filing fee is $25.


It is important to keep the NC Business Registry up to date, from filing your annual report to amending the Articles. It is your responsibility to meet these obligations.

Maintaining Your Registration

Do not get taken in by scammers who want to charge you additional money to file your Annual Report! We have videos on our website to step you through the form  and make it easier to file--

just click on the image above.

Build Your Workforce

Successfully recruit and hire.

Learn more about no-cost business services available to you through the NCWorks Career Center in Jefferson, including job postings and assistance with employee recruitment and retention. Click this link to email  or call 336-982-5627.

And be prepared! If you have employees now or plan to add some as your business grows, you'll need to know how to handle payroll taxes, workers' compensation, and whether you're required to pay unemployment insurance tax.

Build Your Workforce

Keep Your Business & Customers Safe

Access free resources and be "cyber ready."

Small businesses are often the biggest targets for phishing, hacking, and other cyber threats. The Cyber Readiness Institute offers a free Starter Kit to help you take basic steps to protect your business. Want more than the basics? There's also a free, self-paced online Cyber Readiness Program.

Learn More

Did you know that there's another way to protect your business?

Registering a trademark or service mark serves as public notice that you are claiming ownership of that distinguishing mark. While the Department of the Secretary of State does not require you to register any of the trademarks or service marks your business uses, we do strongly recommend that you protect those marks by registering them.

Help us protect you! The Secretary of State's Office has sworn law enforcement officers who investigate counterfeit trademark crimes statewide. Learn what to look for and how to avoid being a victim.

Protect Your "Brand"
Counterfeit Trademark Info

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