October 2021

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How to Coach An Employee Who is Performing Well
by Claire Lew

When we think about coaching employees, we often focus on how to coach an underperforming employee – not how to coach an employee who is performing well. It’s natural. The employee whose negative attitude needs addressing or the employee who habitually makes mistakes is the one who attracts our attention. We channel our coaching toward team members who seem to be struggling because it feels urgent to address and solve… But often we forget how to coach an employee who is performing well, in the process. Click HERE to learn about the three areas to focus when coaching an employee who is performing well.
The Scam That Keeps On Taking
by Lew Sichelman

LOAN OFFICER & REALTOR® ALERT: Cyber thieves are relentlessly targeting buyers in the middle of their title insurance and settlement process. Consequently, it’s incumbent upon real estate agents and loan officers to alert their clients that it’s entirely possible they will receive such a request and what to do about it. Reminding them frequently of the possibility so often won’t hurt, either. Warn them that if they receive any e-mails from anyone claiming to be a part of the transaction, they should call you to verify that fact before doing anything else. Communicate clearly with clients about how and when the buyer will be called upon to transfer closing proceeds. Tell them, too, that the wiring instructions will never change. Click HERE to read nightmare stories and ways to help protect your clients.
Fall Travel Etiquette: 6 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling This Season
by Diane Gottsman

After months of isolation, many people are ready to resume exploring the world carefully. With vaccinations becoming more widespread, people are making plans to travel, whether to see beautiful fall colors, take advantage of travel deals or reunite with family after a long time apart. Fall travel etiquette is different in 2021, but you can reduce feelings of overwhelm by staying informed and following the latest CDC recommendations. While caution is necessary, there are ways to reduce risks and still enjoy your trip. Click HERE for some seasonal tips to help you stay safe and healthy on your journey.
Banks Barely Keeping Up with Staff Shortages in COVID World
by Garret Reich

When more than four million Americans quit their jobs, it caused ripple effects all through the labor market. Banks of all sizes have felt the impact, but there are solutions that help attract talent and hold onto current employees. Click HERE to learn more.
Peeling the 'Pineapple' Problems Requires a Proven Process
by Mike Lynn

If you have a challenging problem to solve, approaching it in a methodical and structured way can make you more efficient and effective in your search for a solution. If you lack this problem-solving sharpness, you’ll repeatedly end up wasting lots of time, going down bad analytical paths, spinning your wheels, “boiling the ocean.” and never getting to any solutions. Click HERE to learn how to sharpen your machete mind, and prepare to face that pineapple with the power of “5P” – five steps to problem solving.
Here's the Key to True, Sustainable Efficiency in the Mortgage Industry
by Housingwire Content Solutions Team

Driving efficiency in your business model is more important than ever. We all know that the cost of underwriting talent has skyrocketed; however, that economic pressure is made even more acute by the fact that many lenders hired up during the refinance boom last year and are eager to keep volumes high even if margins get compressed. The key to true, sustainable efficiency in the mortgage industry is tied to digital transformation (not just taking an online application) that involves a reimagination of the origination process, automating workflows, and a focus on driving out unnecessary steps and bottlenecks. Click HERE to learn more.
Develop a Workforce Strategy for Future Success
by Jan Schwarz

The world is changing fast—and in order to stay ahead of the competition, financial institutions must have a bold and agile set of people strategies to guide decision-making within the context of many unknowns. To address industry changes, banks need the right people. Insightful data on skills gaps, diversity and more will help them build that team. What should a robust set of strategies for the 2020s look like at banks? Click HERE to learn about an efficient process to develop the most appropriate actionable strategies for success.
Why Every Buyer Needs an Owner's Policy
Owner's Policy Comparison Chart
Protect Your Clients From Wire Fraud
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