November 2021

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Please Note the Following November Closures

November 2nd - Election Day
Virginia Courthouses

November 11th - Veteran's Day
Bankers Title Shenandoah and
Virginia Courthouses

November 25th & 26th - Thanksgiving
Bankers Title Shenandoah and
Virginia Courthouses

Drop These Phrases From Your Vocabulary If You Want to Sound More Confident
These common phrases have a way of undermining our authority.
by Sarah Showfety

There are several words and phrases we’ve all used that can inadvertently diminish our authority and make us sound less than confident. When we say these with any kind of regularity, they water down our message—and, with it, people’s ability to take us seriously. Click HERE so you can keep your ear out for key apprehensive phrases and practice eliminating or re-wording them to sound more assertive.
$9 Purchase Threatens Buyer's Dream of Homeownership
from REALTOR Magazine

It’s one thing for a real estate agent or mortgage lender to tell you about the dangers of buying big-ticket items (like a car), racking up your credit card bills, or opening up new credit cards until your mortgage is approved and closed. But it hits a whole lot closer to home when a home buyer warns you of the danger through tears of sadness. Yet for one home buyer, a $9 purchase of a can of paint on a newly opened credit card jeopardized her ability to quality for a mortgage. Click HERE to view a video for an important reminder to potential home buyers.
How Leaders Add Value to People
by Mark Sanborn

Are you intentional each day about adding value to others, to making each day matter to someone other than yourself? There are some simple things any of us can do every day if we look for opportunities. Here are four ideas, as it turns out, that form a simple acronym about how to make a big difference. To add value to people and make a bigger difference to others each day, consider P.I.E.S. Click HERE to learn more.
3 Keys to the Future of Banking Partnerships, Openness & Advice
The Financial Brand's Editorial Team

The risk of falling too far behind is very real for many financial institutions, but there is a clear path forward for those willing to move past traditional approaches. A senior banking leader in IBM's Institute for Business Value lays out the essential changes, one of which builds off a traditional banking strength. Click HERE to gain insights.
4 Practices of Kindness That Make You Glorious
from Leadership Freak

Kindness is glorious like the first snow of the season. Kindness is more than passive platitudes; it’s a call to rise. Try being kind in ways that lead people to believe in themselves. Click HERE to learn how to incorporate these practices into your life.
Community Institutions' Golden Opportunity to Grow Small Business Loans
by Craig Guillot

Pandemic relief programs and PPP loans opened the door to new small business relationships and lending opportunities for community banks. They now have a chance to build on that momentum and grow their loan portfolios. To do that they need to double down on their relationship strengths and upgrade their technology. Click HERE to read on.
Why Every Buyer Needs an Owner's Policy
Owner's Policy Comparison Chart
Protect Your Clients From Wire Fraud
Butch Rutherford
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