March 2024

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3 Types of Overthinking -- And How to Overcome Them

by Melody Wilding, Harvard Business Review

There’s no shortage of situations to overthink in today’s work world. Whether it’s fretting over the implications of a new market trend, agonizing about the tone of an email to a major client, or losing sleep over an employee’s reaction to feedback, the opportunities for leaders to get trapped in their own heads are endless. Many people look at overthinking as a monolith, when in fact there are three different types: rumination, future tripping, and overanalyzing. In this article, the author offers guidance on how to spot and handle each of the three types of overthinking. Clear HERE to learn more.

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Why is Fannie Mae Optimistic About a Housing Market Recovery?

by Connie Kim

The year 2024 has started with cautious optimism that mortgage rates will drop, sparking much-needed activity in the sluggish U.S. housing market. Mortgage rates, however, have been on a rising trend of late. Recent data shows that the economy is booming, while the Federal Reserve is signaling that it will take its time before cutting benchmark interest rates. Fannie Mae, however, remains optimistic that housing market activity will pick up as existing home sales and new single-family housing starts are expected to grow modestly in 2024. Click HERE to read on.

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What To Say Instead of "I'm Sorry"

by Lisa Sun


Researchers have found that women apologize significantly more than men, and I believe women apologize too often. Many of us apologize out of habit, but unfortunately it hurts how we are perceived and diminishes our power. How many times do women say “sorry” as a default response, whether or not they’ve done anything wrong? Lisa Sun reports that there are three types of apologies that women fall into when we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations. She has also found that there are ways to redirect apologetic responses to make them more productive. Click HERE for the kinds of apologies women often offer—and what to say instead. 

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Community Financial Institutions: Going Beyond Being Friendly

by Jim Marous, The Financial Brand

Community banks, deeply rooted in their local domains, have played a pivotal role in supporting the financial needs of individuals, small businesses, and local economies. But the digitalization of the industry has altered the playing field. Looking forward, what are the unique advantages local financial institutions can bring to the table beyond ‘being friendly’? What are the challenges they face in competing with larger marketplace leaders? And what are the strategies management must adopt to ensure they remain future-ready. Click HERE to listen to the podcast with Jim Perry, Senior Strategist at Market Insights, Inc. to hear the discussion on how community banks can best co-exist in a marketplace that includes regional and national banks, tech companies, fintech firms and even non-financial players.

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Brilliant Leaders Know: You Don't Have to Have All the Answers

by Lolly Daskal

Brilliant leaders recognize that having all the answers isn’t the key to success. Instead, they use inquiry and collaboration to discover insights and create effective solutions. Acknowledging their limitations and seeking others’ input, they nurture an atmosphere of growth, curiosity, and joint problem-solving. How do brilliant leaders maintain their curiosity and drive for success? Click HERE to learn how you can adopt key strategies.

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Why It's time for Banks to Hire a Chief AI Officer -- and What That Looks Like

by Caroline Hroncich

Banks do have big plans for this technology — and tapping a chief AI officer may become more prevalent soon. Roughly 22% of leaders from banking and investment firms say they are currently implementing or already implementing generative AI, according to research from Gartner. About 22% are piloting use cases, and 30% are planning to actively implement the technology in the next six months. A leader whose sole focus is to implement and upskill staff on new AI technology and tools is needed at financial institutions right now, experts say. Click HERE to learn more.

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