March 2022

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5 Project Management Lessons From Walking Across Spain
by Victor Prince

Whether it’s knowing what you need and what you don’t on a project or knowing how to manage conflict effectively, a long 500 mile stroll can help you build these skills. A few summers ago, Victor Prince hiked the ancient Camino de Santiago trail across Spain. He shares that it was the best month of his life for many reasons. Along with a lot of other great things he got by walking almost 500 miles, it also taught him some valuable project management lessons that can be used at work. Click HERE to learn about his insights and how you can put them to use.
Mortgage Lending Snag: Boomers & Millennials Vie for the Same Houses
by John Ginovsky

Baby Boomers want to keep their independence by downsizing to smaller homes, but that conflicts with Millennials’ aspirations for first-time ownership. Compounding the situation are investors buying smaller properties in bulk. Mortgage lenders need to factor this complex dynamic into their planning. Click HERE to read on.
The Post-Pandemic Fraud War: How to Play Offense
by James Ruotolo

The pandemic has created many new challenges and changed the fraud risk landscape—perhaps permanently. It has also provided a training ground for a new generation of fraud attackers. Upon the sunset of lucrative government-funded pandemic benefit programs, well-trained fraudsters will soon turn their attention to financial services targets. Now is the time to make sure your fraud risk management program is up to the task of protecting your bank from the coming wave of fraud activity. Click HERE to learn six specific recommendations to bolster your fraud risk posture.
The "Mater Man's" 4 Rules for Leaders and Business Growth
by Wally Bock

In a recent blog from Wally Bock's Three Star Leadership website, Bock tells the story of "Mater Man." It's the story of a farmer who sells tomatoes and other produce at a farmers market. Mater Man is a successful businessman. Mater Man's key to success is following his four rules. I believe we could be better leaders and make our companies more successful if we pay attention to Mater Man's rules. They are:
  1. People will keep coming back if you have high standards and stick to them.
  2. The best thing you can do is whatever's best for your customers. They remember.
  3. Trust pays dividends.
  4. If you're in business you can concentrate on profit or you can concentrate on what makes your customers smile. There's less stress and probably more profit if you maximize the smiles.
Click HERE to read Wally Bock's blog in its entirety.
Green Banking for a Competitive Edge for Smaller Financial Institutions
by Stephen Kuhl

A recent studied labeled banks a leading contributor to climate change through their financing of fossil fuel projects and other business activities. Switching financial institutions could be seen as a more effective way for individuals to reduce their carbon footprint than adjusting their behavior in travel, eating and commuting. Smaller institutions typically serve neighborhood businesses and local families, so they could be at an advantage as consumers place increasing value on green-first banking. In fact, some climate action groups are actively encouraging people to switch from bigger banks to these organizations for just that reason. Click HERE to learn more.
Top Trends Transforming Business Banking in 2022 and Beyond
by The Financial Brand's Editorial Team

An innovation revolution is roiling business banking just as it has consumer banking. Financial institutions are especially vulnerable to losing small-to-medium sized businesses to fintech entrants. SMBs have typically been underserved when it comes to tech innovation or new digital services. More than six in ten businesses in this large segment go outside their primary bank for business services such as payments and receivables. Click HERE to read on.
Why Every Buyer Needs an Owner's Policy
Owner's Policy Comparison Chart
Protect Your Clients From Wire Fraud
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