June 2022

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Marshall Goldsmith: How To Earn Your Life
by John Baldoni

 The Earned Life: Lose Regret, Choose Fulfillment,” by Marshall Goldsmith and Mark Reiter explores what life can offer us if we are willing to shirk self-imposed constraints. If we are ready to invest ourselves in becoming our better selves – however we define it — then, and only then, can we say that we have deserved our place. We have earned it. Click HERE to learn more.
Workplace Dynamics Are Changing
What You Need to Know as Baby Boomers Retire and Generation Z Enters the Workforce
by George Couros

As Bob Dylan famously crooned, “The times they are a-changin.” Whether the Baby Boomers in your workforce choose to retire now or in the near future, now is the time to prepare for their inevitable exit. We are not at a crisis point yet, but the mass departure of such a large generation will certainly have a ripple effect for years to come. Preparing for one loss means also preparing for the entrance of their replacements, and what you choose to do now will have an unprecedented impact on the future success of your organization. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Click HERE to learn more.
Fraud Fighters Secure Digital Banking's Weakest Links
by Edmund Lawler

Despite the marvels of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the promise they possess to thwart the bad actors, cybersecurity often boils down to three factors: people, passwords and apps. When bank cybersecurity squads crack down on account takeover scams, the fraudsters move on to attack the call center. When banks bolster their defenses against phishing schemes, the bad actors turn to social engineering swindles. It’s an endless game of whack-a-mole. Click HERE to read on.
What We All Need to Learn About Sales -- From a Pig
by Paul Smith

Stories are a great way to connect with your customer. They can make the ordinary product or service you’re selling extraordinary by adding richness and experience to the sale. Check out this story that sold Paul Smith on buying this professional photograph of a cute pig in the ocean from the artist. The story turned the picture into a conversation piece—a unique combination of geography lesson, history lesson, and animal psychology lesson all in one. Stories sell. And the people who can tell a good sales story sell more than people who can’t. Click HERE to read more.
Household Debt Rises While Mortgage Originations Decline
from Katie Jensen

Mortgage debt is rising despite the fact that mortgage originations for refinances and purchases are trending downward. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York's quarterly household debt report shows an increase in household debt of $266 billion (1.7%) to $15.84 trillion for the first quarter of 2022. But new loan originations – both for home purchases and refinancing of existing mortgages – fell to $859 billion, the lowest since the second quarter of 2020. Click HERE to read on.
How CFPB is Reshaping Banks' Growth Strategy
by Steve Cocheo

Financial marketers, especially those whose institutions are directly supervised by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, need to seriously review how they approach some key marketing functions. The stakes: Running afoul of a new twist on anti-discrimination oversight that the bureau has put into place without an opportunity for industry comment. Click HERE to learn more.
Attract Small Businesses With a Holistic Banking Experience
by Karl Dahlgren

Business banking customers with both growing deposits and increasing loans would seem like ideal targets for financial services organizations. But these businesses—what BAI calls the “Dual Opportunity” segment—are not being fully optimized by banks. By connecting the dots for what these customers want and need, banking institutions can put them at the center of the relationship. Click HERE to learn more.
Why Every Buyer Needs an Owner's Policy
Owner's Policy Comparison Chart
Protect Your Clients From Wire Fraud
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