July 2022

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Be Careful Which Bus You Get On: Having a Fulfilling Life and Career
by Donna Stoneham, PhD, author of The Thriver’s Edge

If you’re not mindful of the direction your life is headed, you might end up somewhere you’re unhappy with. Be deliberate and intentional about where you’re headed. Answer this set of four questions to get a better sense of your direction. It’s never too late to take the big adventure to choose the right path for your life and career. Click HERE for a few questions to help you decide which bus you want to take.
Reducing Stress in the Post-Pandemic Workplace
by Peter Barron Stark

Since the pandemic’s start, one thing that hasn’t subsided is the stress leaders face within their work environment. From the instant start of remote work to staffing shortages, leaders across all industries and management levels are experiencing high stress levels. Employees are also experiencing high-stress levels as a result of staffing shortages. These shortages are contributing to their high workloads from the constant shifts in staff moving positions, jobs, and companies. During these high-stress times, your work environment can make all the difference between making it through and your breaking point. Click HERE for tips for managers and employees to help ease their workloads.
This is How to Get People to Change: 5 Secrets From Research
by Eric Barker

Trying to help someone change can be sanity-straining. Even when people face serious health scares they often don’t do enough to alter their habits, like they’re stuck on some monorail track of doom. That said, we often go about trying to help in all the wrong ways. We know that lectures probably don’t help — yet we often find ourselves doing it anyway. It’s like the reasons we give them for changing have almost no effect at all. “People are generally better persuaded by the reasons which they have themselves discovered than by those which have come into the mind of others.” Click HERE to learn about "motivational interviewing" and how you can implement this strategy to get people to change.
Opinion: The Beginning of the Mortgage Ice Age
by BJ Witkopf

It’s time to change our mindset. We are looking at this 2022 market like a snow day in January. Close it down for a day or two, clean it up and get back to business next week when it warms up. I think we’re in a cycle, and it’s the equivalent of all the past cycles — rolled into one. An Ice Age, not a snow day. The companies with the right people and technology in place will continue to thrive once the ice thaws. Click HERE to read on.
What Leadership Development Should Look Like in the Hybrid Era
by Julian Birkinshaw, Maya Gudka, and Steve Marshall

Traditional leadership development tells us that 70% of learning happens through on-the-job experience, 20% though feedback, and 10% through formal training. Research conducted over the past three years points to a more effective alternative framework for the process that emphasizes three actions: sensemaking, or understanding how the business world and the organization works around you; experimenting, or testing ideas; and self-discovery, or figuring out your own identity in the workplace. When implemented research indicates this framework enhanced participants’ development. The experiment also pointed to new best practices for hybrid leadership development: programs should be iterative and experimental, embedded in day-to-day work, supported by coaching, and span all modes of delivery from all-virtual to fully in person. Click HERE to learn more.
Contingent Workers Are a Big Opportunity For Banks
by Michael Schiappa

Taking a more strategic approach to staffing will help banks better capitalize on today’s candidate trends. Banking is among the industries relying most heavily on contingent workers, with current estimates reporting this segment has grown to represent almost half the overall workforce, at 47%. Considering the high value today’s candidates place on remote work arrangements and unrestricted flexibility, banks’ ability to hire and retain talent is directly related to how well they embrace remote and flexible work. And, just as importantly, it will help develop their reputation as a talent-friendly industry that embraces where the labor market is headed. Click HERE to learn more.
How Banks Can Reimagine Lending to Small and Medium-Size Enterprises
by Juan Antonio Bahillo, Frank Gerhard, Abhimany Harlalka, Andras Havas, and Andreas Kremer of McKinsey & Company

As the economy enters the next credit cycle, banks are finding both opportunities and challenges in the market for lending to small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs). Although volumes are growing slowly, most banks are not reaching their full potential. Many still use old business models, rely on legacy processes, and even view SMEs as corporate entities. By failing to meet the needs of these businesses, banks are leaving opportunities on the table. If banks reimagine and modernize their business-lending processes, they can take advantage of new opportunities with SMEs and capture more of the forecast growth. Click HERE to learn more.
Why Every Buyer Needs an Owner's Policy
Owner's Policy Comparison Chart
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