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Housing Market Predictions For 2024: When Will Home Prices Be Affordable Again?

by Robin Rothstein, Caroline Basile, Forbes

2024 may be a better year to purchase a home—at least for some. While home prices will likely remain elevated—and even increase in some markets—industry experts expect prices in certain areas of the country to soften. Economists are also optimistic that the Federal Reserve is done with its rate-hiking campaign to lower inflation after policymakers kept the federal funds rate unchanged for a third straight meeting on December 13. The federal funds rate is the benchmark interest rate financial institutions charge each other for overnight loans; it tends to indirectly influence mortgage rates. Even so, affordability challenges will continue in 2024. Click HERE to gain insights into other market predictions for the year.

Use Strategic Thinking To Create The Life You Want

by Rainer Strack, Susanne Dyrchs, and Allison Bailey


In corporate strategy projects, executive leadership teams work through a series of questions to determine how their businesses can succeed. Individuals can use a similar process to figure out how to live a meaningful life. It starts with defining what makes a great life for you and then outlining your purpose and vision. You must also look at your current “portfolio” — the areas in which you spend your time and energy — to see if you’re investing the best of yourself in the activities most important to you. You should consider what research says about how people tend to find meaning and joy in life. Finally, you’ll want to identify areas where you need to make changes, and then ensure you follow through with objectives and key results. Click HERE to learn more.

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How Analysts See 2024 Shaping Up For Mortgage Lenders

by Flavia Furlan Nunes

Kyle Joseph, a specialty finance equity research analyst at Jefferies, believes that the worst of the current mortgage cycle may be behind us, a sentiment shared by most analysts covering this industry. Warren Kornfeld, senior vice president of the financial institutions group at Moody's, provided a detailed forecast, stating, “We will see three to four decreases in the Federal Reserve funds rate next year, starting sometime in the second quarter. Mortgage rates will moderate down to about 6% to 6.25%.” Kornfeld expects mortgage originations to range from $1.8 trillion to $2 trillion in 2024. On the refinance side, he predicts a moderate increase in cash-out activity as rates decline, with customers using the resources to consolidate debt and extract some home equity build-up. Click HERE to gain insights on other predictions.

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A Generative AI Decision-Making Guide For Community Banks

by Saroop Bharwani of Senso.ai

Just like electricity transformed every facet of society, generative AI is poised to become part of our daily lives, enhancing productivity in countless ways. Such outsize potential for improved efficiency is just one reason that it is on a fast track to adoption at many banks and credit unions. Click HERE to learn about five of the most common questions that leaders at these institutions ask, with detailed answers to help in crafting your own strategy.

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The Different Mindsets That Distinguish the Best Leaders From the Rest

by Lolly Daskal

The best leaders have a different mindset than most leaders, which enables them to effectively lead and inspire their employees and teams. Here are some key mindsets that distinguish the best leaders from the rest:

  • Growth mindset
  • Emotional intelligence mindset
  • Strategic mindset
  • Adaptable mindset
  • Collaborative mindset

 By developing these mindsets, leaders can effectively lead and inspire their employees and teams, and can help their organizations to grow and succeed. Click HERE gain insights into each mindset to become a more effective leader.

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CEO Survey Finds 'Cautious Optimism' Among Banking Leaders

by Craig Gauillot

KMPG surveyed 142 banking CEOs in North and South America, Europe and Asia about their concerns, what they see as current risks and their approach to strategic planning and leadership. Despite an uncertain global economic environment, and uniform concern over the impact of the rising cost of living on talent and borrowing demands, a majority of executives are confident in their three-year outlook and are focusing on resilience and pragmatic growth in the year ahead. Most also say that ESG is now fully embedded in their organization, although many cannot yet substantiate significant positive impacts. Click HERE to learn more about the key takeaways.

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