January 2022

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Bankers Title Shenandoah and the Circuit Courthouses will be closed on
Monday, January 17, 2022 in observance
of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
Two Words that Will Make You Less Critical of Others
by Mark Sanborn

It is easy to find fault in others. Being critical seems like a natural disposition. We easily spot the bad behavior in others while we ignore or justify our own. But isn’t it odd that what we often criticize others about something we also do or have done? That’s why I’ve found two words helpful for reducing this tendency I share with so many others. When I start to be critical, I pause to ask myself, “Have I?” More broadly, if you aren’t currently doing something you criticize others of, have you ever? Click HERE to read on.
Four Financial Crime Predictions for 2022
by Rene Perez

2021’s rise in traditional cybercrime is likely to persist, with new records possible for ransomware, social engineering, identity fraud and money laundering. Although fraudsters are moving quickly, so are the industry’s defenses. Financial institutions are building strong defense programs that are increasingly difficult to penetrate. These include firewalls, real-time monitoring for fraud detection, and backup and recovery programs to mitigate losses. Click HERE to learn more.
How to Be (or Become) a Courageous Leader
by Sonia McDonald

You may often hear people refer to someone as “a natural born leader” or “she’s or he’s the only one with the guts to lead.” However, I believe that true and courageous leaders aren’t born, they are made and created through real-life experiences, learning curves and being taught or mentored by other great, respected, and courageous leaders. So, what are courageous leaders? Click HERE to learn more.
The Evolution of Banking: The Year Ahead and Beyond
by Jim Marous, the Financial Brand

Traditional and non-traditional financial institutions are working to align their products and services with their customers' needs and expectations. The ultimate goal is to embed banking within a consumer's daily life, making banking an invisible, but vital, value proposition that extends beyond financial services. Click HERE to read on.
Will the Housing Market Continue its Hot Streak in 2022?
Three predictions on the strength of the 2022 housing market
by Mike Simonsen

Homebuyers and sellers are eagerly looking ahead to the 2022 housing market. Will the market continue its streak of strong growth, or are we finally about to see a slow down? Click HERE for a high-level forecast for what to expect in 2022, based on the supply and demand signals we can already see in today’s data. You'll also read highlights on which variables we should be watching for unexpected market shifts.
Why Every Buyer Needs an Owner's Policy
Owner's Policy Comparison Chart
Protect Your Clients From Wire Fraud
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