February 2022

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Monday, February 21, 2022 in observance
of President's Day.
Career Enhancement: Leadership Skills You Can Learn from Sports
by Mike Powell

Sports are a popular and easy-access way to reduce stress, get your fill of fresh air, and socialize outside of work. But did you know that you can learn important leadership skills from playing sports? If you just open your mind to the lessons there are to be learned, it’s easy to see how being a good sportsperson can translate to being a good business leader. Click HERE for the 5 leadership skills you can learn from sports that could put you in the running for that promotion!
Yun: How Jobs, Inflation May Influence Borrowing Costs
from REALTOR Magazine

The real estate industry is closely watching the so-called “Great Resignation,” a movement that started with the pandemic in which people are leaving the workforce in historically higher numbers. As more Americans quit their jobs, will they set out for greener pastures by moving to a new location? The trend is only growing: In November, 4.5 million Americans left their jobs, pushing the nation’s resignation rate to a record high of 3%, MarketWatch reports. Click HERE to read on.
Housing Experts Have Split Expectations for 2022
by Katie Jensen

  • Economists and housing experts are split on whether sales will rise or fall in 2022.
  • 41% of participants said sales will grow this year, while 41% predicted a slowdown in sales, and 18% believe sales will remain roughly the same. 
  • Panelists who foresee lower sales in 2022, point out financial strain on buyers as a main factor.
  • More optimistic panelists anticipate an uptick in sales with additional inventory. READ ON ...
How John Wooden's Dual Focus Can Help Your Leadership
by Ken Downer

The late basketball coach John Wooden talked about vision as looking with one eye through a microscope and the other eye through a telescope, showing that leaders need to be able to execute on the details while pursuing long-term goals. "This focus on the small is not to say we become micro-managers -- that can be a hinderance in its own way." Click HERE to read on.
The Top Bank Trends and Challenges for 2022
from BAI Banking Outlook

How is the consumer experience changing? Are customer expectations and banking priorities aligned? BAI recently conducted a survey to answer those questions and many more. Click HERE to check out the survey results and learn about the top trends and challenges for the coming year.
What Leads to Happiness?
by Gregg Vanourek

We all want to be happy—and for those we care about to be happy. Here’s the problem: we’re unclear and often badly mistaken about what will bring us happiness. We’re inundated with messages from family, friends, ads, and social media about what will make us happy. Most of these messages are wrong. The result: What we think will make us happy is different from what actually makes us happy. Click HERE to learn more about what determines happiness, actions to boost happiness, and more!
Why Every Buyer Needs an Owner's Policy
Owner's Policy Comparison Chart
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