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December 23rd - Christmas Observance
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December 24th - Christmas Observance
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December 31st - New Year Observance
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4 Leadership Lessons I learned From the Vineyard
by Petra Coach David Pierce

I love wine. And that love has moved me to visit some of the finest wine regions of the world—touring wineries and even participating in the production of several barrels in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys of California, from harvest to bottling. Through my travels, I’ve come to understand the nuances of making a great bottle of wine. And, as a business coach, I have realized that there are a lot of parallels between fine winemaking and fine leadership. The following are four leadership lessons I’ve learned from the vineyard that can help you be a better leader. Click HERE to read on.
Top Mortgage Lending Trends for 2022
by John Ginovsky

Mortgage lending stayed healthy in 2021, even with the pandemic, and looks to continue to prosper in 2022. Although there are some worries of a housing market crash, most forecasters predict higher rates and higher home prices as demand continues to rise. However, successfully catering to changing needs of Millennial customers in particular will require digital transformation of the entire mortgage chain, even as upstart mortgage-related fintechs find new ways to exploit the demand. Click HERE to learn more.
Strengthening Thinking as a Mechanism to Building Resilience
by Maureen Metcalf

During a time when we are facing natural disasters and geopolitical uncertainty, many of us are trying to find a balanced path to respond to what is happening on the global stage, national stage, local stage, and in our own personal lives. Who we are at our core can really shine through during times of challenge when we take care of ourselves first. This article is a bit counter to cultural beliefs. Most of us were cautioned against selfishness. We were taught to believe that it connotes self-centeredness, and that anything “selfish” is wrong. Yet, having a sense of self and knowing when and how to care for yourself is the antithesis of being selfish. If we don’t care for ourselves, there is no way that we can care for others. Click HERE to read on.
USPS Deliveries Slowed as of October 1
by Aimee Picchi

Mail delivery for many Americans slowed starting on October 1, part of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's blueprint for overhauling the U.S. Postal Service in order to slash costs. But critics say the slower delivery standards could cause problems such as late bill delivery while more broadly undermining the public's faith in the USPS. Click HERE to read on to learn how it will impact you.
The Pickelball Explosion - Fun for the Whole Family
by Kendall Baker

Pickleball — a combination of tennis, badminton and ping-pong — surged in popularity over the past two years. But the sport's rapid rise is much more than a pandemic-fueled fad. State of play: Pickleball participation grew by 21.3% between 2019 and 2020, prompting the Economist to declare it "the fastest growing sport in America." 4.2 million Americans now play at least once a year. Demand for courts is exploding, with cities building new facilities and private clubs replacing tennis courts. Click HERE to learn more about the sport and how you can join the fun.
How a Thicker Skin Can Give You an Advantage in Life's Battles
by Larae Quy

Let’s face it. Being tolerant of irritating colleagues and other people is often the first casualty of stress. The confluence of so many events in life today has produced an environment that that is both critical and sensitive. It’s a toxic combination that makes itself seen, heard, and felt daily. To be thick-skinned is about having the mental toughness to withstand the stress and pressure of life’s battles. Are you mentally tough? Click HERE to take an evidence-based Mental Toughness Assessment and learn how a thicker skin can give you an advantage in life’s battles.
Small Banks Facing Greater Cyber Risks Urge Congress to Act
by Gopal Ratnam

Community banks, minority lending institutions and credit unions face greater risks of cyberattacks and damage from data breaches, a group of experts told lawmakers recently. The smaller institutions are asking Congress to plug holes in laws that exempt retailers and other entities that handle financial information for smaller banks from data security regulations. Smaller banks lack robust resources and are dependent on third-party security providers. Click HERE to read on.
SMBs Are Untapped Opportunity for Banks
by Terry Badger, BAI

In our latest BAI Executive Report, we explore how financial institutions can broaden and deepen their small business relationships. Norm DeLuca from Bottomline Technologies lays out a key issue in our lead article: Nearly half of small businesses believe their bank does not understand their needs. He writes that fewer than one in five financial institutions offer a full slate of the services small businesses need to run their operations efficiently. Click HERE to learn more and read the executive report.
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