August 2022

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NAR Chief Economist: Nationwide Home Price Decline Won't Happen Soon
by David Krechevsky

In both written remarks provided ahead of time and in a recent testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Yun said the potential for weaker sales should increase available inventory in some markets, but not enough to affect persistent affordability constraints which, for many Americans, have kept homeownership out of reach. "In the near term, I do not expect the situation to change appreciably. Historic undersupply in the market, combined with continued demand, will likely drive ongoing issues with affordability for many Americans. Any short-term price adjustments, if they occur, will be less consequential compared to the immense longer-term housing affordability challenges we face as a country." Click HERE to read on.
How to Find Balance Between Leadership and Management
by Ming Ong

In Leading Change, the Leaders as Chief Transformation Officer, Warren Bennis said, “Management is getting people to do what needs to be done. Leadership is getting people to want to do what needs to be done. Managers push. Leaders pull. Managers command. Leaders communicate.” The fine line between management and leadership within the workplace is encountered often, and by many individuals in position of authority. Business leaders often fall into a managerial role and take on a plethora of management tasks. However, leadership and management are two distinctively different, though complementary, systems of action. Click HERE to learn more about finding the balance.
Will Mortgage Lending Get Tighter in the Next Recession?
by Logan Mohtashami

As recession talk becomes more prevalent, some people are concerned that mortgage credit lending will get much tighter. This typically happens in a recession, however, the notion that credit lending in America will collapse as it did from 2005 to 2008 couldn’t be more incorrect, as we haven’t had a credit boom in the period between 2008-2022. One of the biggest reasons home sales crashed from their peak in 2005 was that the credit available to facilitate that boom in lending simply collapsed. So, could we see a similar tightening of credit when the next recession hits? The short (and long) answer is no, not a chance. When people say credit will collapse down to 2008 levels, I kind of snicker and think, well, we can’t collapse to 2008 levels because credit availability is already there. Click HERE to read on.
9 Pivotal Trends That Will Shape Banking Strategies
by BK Kalra at Genpact

Trends are always a continuum, but each year brings unexpected challenges and opportunities. The list in this article impacts responsibilities of bank executives that oversee credit, retail banking, technology, payments, customer experience and security. Some of the forthcoming changes will likely surprise even seasoned participants within the industry. Many trends are positive, yet not all.
Click HERE to review the nine key trends we believe will set the stage for, and impact, the now rapidly evolving business of banking.
How To Be a Smart (Not a Sore) Loser
by Mark Sanborn

Nobody likes to lose. When someone loses and reacts badly, we call them a sore loser. Yet others use loss to fuel future victory. How do they do that and become smart losers? To be a winner requires that someone else was a loser. When you are that loser, click HERE for some ideas to make you a smart loser. So, next time you face a loss, don’t simply react. Instead thoughtfully respond, as a smart loser. Losses are irritating, yet at the same time they give you a chance to improve.
What the Frontline Fraud Fighters are Seeing
by Jack Sundstrom

The banking industry’s fraud investigators and analysts are the boots on the ground in the fight against identity fraud schemes and rings. For this reason, there is tremendous value in knowing how these fraud fighters are faring in their continuing battle against the organized and sophisticated criminals preying on financial companies and their customers. What motivates them? What’s their perspective on how their teams are equipped to fight fraud? And most importantly, how do they recommend their organizations adjust their fraud strategy to combat today’s quickly evolving schemes? Click HERE to learn about these insights and more.
Why Every Buyer Needs an Owner's Policy
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