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Volume 9; Issue 3      
May, 2013
5051_Earl_Bathurst_Cocklewood_Harbour_(c) Mike Crowe
This month finds us in the midst of many long-awaited projects. The remaining videotaped lectures from the International Conference on Biotherapy 2010 are finally posted on the BTER Foundation website.

The Maggot Therapy Core Curriculum and Certification program is moving forwards with the help of a dedicated committee of experts in wound care and maggot therapy. Soon we will propose the core knowledge and capabilities that competent maggot therapists should strive to achieve.

We received several applications for membership on the Board of Directors. After vetting by the current Board, we will be holding elections. If you are a BTER Foundation member, be sure to respond to your voting notification in the coming weeks.

One final note: don't forget to check out the Biotherapy Blog on WoundSource's website (www.WoundSource.com/blog). Be sure to visit the website, weigh-in, or just leave a comment to tell us how we're doing.

Ron Sherman
International Conference on Biotherapy 2010 Videos
ICB Video Presentations Posted 
The remaining videotaped lectures from ICB 2010 have been posted on the BTER Foundation website at the following link: http://www.bterfoundation.org/icb/program.htm.

Thank you to all the lecturers who presented at the conference and to those who allowed us to share their exemplary work with the public.
Board of Director Applications
Finding our Newest Member 
We are excited to have received several applications to join the BTER Foundation's Board of Directors. The current Board members will evaluate the applications and move them forward to expand the Board. 
Wound Source Blog
Wound Care Blog Posts 
For our newer BeTER LeTTER readers, the Wound Source website hosts a variety of blogs written by esteemed wound care therapists. One blog, in fact, is dedicated just to biotherapy. You can read the newest biotherapy blog post here and comment on your experiences encountering and
acknowledging misinformation.  
2013 Conferences & Events :
Biotherapy Workshops & Webinars  

4th Annual Palliative Wound Care Conference - Indianapolis, IN; May 16-18, 2013

Wild on Wounds 2013 Conference (WOW) - Las Vegas, NV; September 11-14, 2013
Canadian Association of Wound Care Conference - Vancouver, Canada; November 7-10, 2013


Desert Foot High Risk Diabetic Foot Conference 2013 - Phoenix, AZ; November 20-22, 2013 


Eastern Idaho Wound Care Conference 2014 - ID; April 18-19, 2014  



Conferences with Biotherapy Lectures & Exhibits   


Diabetic Foot Global Conference - Los Angeles, CA; Mar 21-23, 2013
4th Annual Palliative Wound Care Conference - Indianapolis, IN; May 16-18, 2013


Podiatric Residence Education Summit - Teaneck, NJ; August 23-25, 2013


Wild on Wounds 2013 Conference (WOW) - Las Vegas, NV; September 11-14, 2013

Symposium on Advanced Wound Care - Las Vegas, NV; September 27-29, 2013

Superbones West 2013 Conference - Las Vegas, NV; October 24-26, 2013

Eastern Idaho Wound Care Conference 2014 - ID; April 18-19, 2014  


How About a Workshop in Your Town? 

To arrange a maggot therapy or leech therapy workshop in your community, contact the BTER Foundation. Local and national experts are available to provide 1-hour lectures, full day workshops, and anything in between. 


Know about something we don't?  

Let us know of any biotherapy news or event that isn't on our list, so we can make sure that everyone knows about it!


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."   - Margaret Mead
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