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Volume 9; Issue 4      
June 2013

The 2012 Biotherapy Video Contest needs your vote! Submissions have been posted on our webpage, where you can view and vote for your favorite video(s).

The Biotherapy Competency Project has launched its webpage and will follow the development of the certification curriculum. Please visit us for updates on our progress.

Our newest competency project will focus on leech therapy. Contact us if you would like to contribute your expertise to the development of this program.

Once again, we encourage you to submit your proposals and manuscripts to the premier journal for Evidence-Based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, eCAM. An upcoming Special Issue of eCAM will be dedicated to invertebrate biotherapy and medicinal extracts; the deadline for submission is August 30. More information is available at the eCAM website.

Ron Sherman
Vote for Your Favorite Video!
Video Contest 2012 Submissions are Posted
Please visit our webpage to watch the excellent biotherapy contest videos and vote for your favorite one. This year's submissions feature aspects of leech therapy and maggot therapy. To vote, go to each video's Youtube page and click the "like" button. The video with the most likes will be the winner of the 2012 video contest!
MDT Certification Committee in Action
Certifying Maggot Therapists
We are establishing a list of concepts and skills that competent maggot therapists should strive to achieve. The committee charged with this effort will soon recommend this core competency curriculum. You can follow the progress of the Maggot Therapy Competency and Certification Committee at our website.

Many thanks to the members of this committee, all of whom have generously offered their expertise and support.
Requesting Leech Therapists
Leech Therapists Needed for Certification Program
With our maggot therapy competency curriculum underway, we are looking to initiate a curriculum for leech therapy.

If you are a leech therapist who would like to lend your advice and abilities to the development of the hirudotherapy competency curriculum, please contact us at info@bterfoundation.org.  
eCAM Call for Papers
eCAM is Soliciting Biotherapy Articles 
The journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (eCAM) invites investigators to contribute original research articles and review papers for a special issue on medicinal invertebrates and their products. Relevant topics could include leech therapy, helminthic therapy, maggot therapy, apitherapy, etc.  The deadline is coming up soon (August 30, 2013) so contact the editors straight away if you are interested in submitting a manuscript.


For more information, please see the eCAM announcement web page.
2013 Conferences & Events :
Biotherapy Workshops & Webinars  

4th Annual Palliative Wound Care Conference - Indianapolis, IN; May 16-18, 2013

Wild on Wounds 2013 Conference (WOW) - Las Vegas, NV; September 11-14, 2013
Canadian Association of Wound Care Conference - Vancouver, Canada; November 7-10, 2013


Eastern Idaho Wound Care Conference 2014 - ID; April 18-19, 2014  



Conferences with Biotherapy Lectures & Exhibits   


Diabetic Foot Global Conference - Los Angeles, CA; Mar 21-23, 2013
4th Annual Palliative Wound Care Conference - Indianapolis, IN; May 16-18, 2013


Wild on Wounds 2013 Conference (WOW) - Las Vegas, NV; September 11-14, 2013

Symposium on Advanced Wound Care - Las Vegas, NV; September 27-29, 2013

Eastern Idaho Wound Care Conference 2014 - ID; April 18-19, 2014  


How About a Workshop in Your Town? 

To arrange a maggot therapy or leech therapy workshop in your community, contact the BTER Foundation. Local and national experts are available to provide 1-hour lectures, full day workshops, and anything in between. 


Know about something we don't?  

Let us know of any biotherapy news or event that isn't on our list, so we can make sure that everyone knows about it!


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."   - Margaret Mead
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