Hello BST & BART Families

Now that summer has begun to give way to fall,

it is time to start planning for the

upcoming BST 2023-24 Race Season !!

Last year, although Mother Nature challenged us, it was a great

success for BST both on and off the mountain.

We are excited about continuing that momentum

into this new season.

The upcoming season will look and feel

the same to our families and racers

with one NEW exception.

We will be making changes to practice night ticketing.

This comes as a direct result of the loosening of

overall COVID protocols, streamlining our process to align

with Ski Bradford, and to smooth out the

practice night ticketing process.

This new system will be explained in more detail below,

through future emails, and at Orientation Day.

--- Information & Details Below For ---

1) Registration

2) Practice Tickets *NEW*

3) Practice Schedule

4) Race Schedule *TENTATIVE*

5) Volunteering

6) Orientation Day



is OPEN !!


Please use the link below to access the

registration portal.


The registration rates for 2023-24 currently

reflect the early sign up discount and will

remain in effect until ...

BST: Dec 2nd

BART: Dec 31st

(after Dec 2nd BST rates will increase by $75)

(after Dec 31st BART rates will increase by $75)

In order to provide the best experience for each racer,

we need to set limits for each age group.

PLEASE register early to lock in your spot(s).

We will maintain a waitlist for each

age group once that limit has been reached.


Once your registration is complete, 

you will receive two

confirmation emails.

The BST email will have a link (see below)

to the EMBWL waiver form.

Please complete it and make

sure the date(s) reflect the current year.

ALL BST (not BART) skiers MUST complete

the waiver form PRIOR to the start of the season.





In order to streamline and simplify the practice night

ticketing process, and to take advantage of relaxed COVID

protocols at the mountain itself, we will be utilizing

a pre-bought speed pass (coupon book)

system for the 2023-24 practice season.

These speed passes will be utilized on PRACTICE

nights only, NOT for race day(s).

Race day tickets will continue to be sold

INDEPENDANTLY via a race day specific email.

PRACTICE speed passes will be available for

purchase in either a 5 or 10 Pass Book(s).

They will be purchased online.

We are waiting for the final nightly ticket

pricing from Ski Bradford.

Once that is received.

We will send the link to purchase them

by email.



Daily individual same night practice lift tickets,

as in previous years, will NOT be be sold online

and will NOT be available for purchase from

BST Board Member(s) at the mountain.

instead ....


Practice racers will be responsible for exchanging

an individual PRE-BOUGHT ticket speed pass/coupon,

for each night attending practice.

Exchanges will be made directly through the

main Ski Bradford ticket window.

1 Speed Pass per Racer = 1 Practice Lift Ticket

Practice Racers, without a speed pass coupon, would

need to purchase a regular full priced ticket for

the evening directly from the mountain.

The speed passes provide a significant discount over

the cost of a walk up ticket at the window.


Speed passes will always be available online and

early orders will be distributed on Orientation Day.

\Otherwise they will be distributed

via a BST Board Member(s) on practice nights.

More specific details & purchase link

to follow in future email(s).

Our plan is to utilize the speed pass coupon

system until at least the end of the

February school break week.

Individual single day tickets MIGHT be available

AFTER the break. We will revisit that in February

and provide updates via email.





The practice schedule for 2023-24 will remain unchanged.


Mon & Wed 7:00p - 9:00p


U8 : Tues & Thurs 6:30p - 8:00p

U10+ : Tues & Thurs 6:30p - 8:30p .






Please use the above link to see the

TENTATIVE 2023-24 race schedule

for your planning.

EMBWL league officers are meeting

in Mid-Oct to finalize.

ANY changes will be provided by a future emails

and at orientation.





Parental/Family volunteering is vital and is

a major factor in our past and to the future success

of BST, both on and off the slopes

We welcome you to sign up for as many

days and positions as your family is able to do.

Prior ski or racing experience is not required

for ANY of the positions.

The more volunteers we get the smoother race

day goes. In that light, we are requiring a minimum

participation of TWO race day sign ups

from each family for this season.

All volunteer reservations will be

completed online. A future email

will announce the opening of the registration with the

sign-up link. We will only need volunteers for home races

at Ski Bradford


BST Board



We are requesting some much-needed help

on our board staff. 

We are an in-house parent run board.

Meeting are usually once a month during the season and

we try to utilize a practice night.

All of the board positions do not

require ANY prior ski knowledge.

We are all parents of racers.

We have received an unprecedented number of

athletes interested in joining the team

and we need your help to secure the

long integrity of our program. 

If you have any questions etc.

Seek out a board member mountain side

or email your interest to


We look forward to welcoming you to our group.





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