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We Are Hiring!

Hiring Postcard for June

Team Member Highlights


Roshni Sohal 

Roshi joined our BRVC team back in May 2022 starting out in our CSR department. After her first 7 months she became a Drop-in Tech, and about a year later moved into our Pharmacy department. She enjoys the hands-on experience BRVC has to offer, and of course, working with animals!

Roshi currently owns a 15 year old chiweenie jack russell mix named Daisy, and in her free time enjoys relaxing with a glass of wine, watching movies and hiking.

"Roshni is always on the go! She is on top of all her pharmacy tasks and always on the move when she is in Drop-In. She has a positive, friendly, attitude and is willing to stop and help someone if they have a question she can answer."

Liz Koch

Liz started working at BRVC last September while looking for an internship for school. She currently works part time in our Treatment department as a Veterinary Assistant, allowing her to gain experience and count her hours towards her degree. She will be graduating this month from Foothill College as a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT)!

Liz currently owns a shepherd mix, one cat and a snake. What she enjoys most about working at BRVC are all the hands-on learning opportunities, supportive supervisors, and the community!


"Liz is such a Rockstar! She is always open to learning and adapting and has an excitement that she brings to work that is infectious. Down to the smallest of details, she's thorough and consistent."

Ask The Vet: Heat Stroke


Summer is just around the corner! 

Do you know the signs of heat stroke? To prevent your pet from overheating this year, check out our blog to learn more!

Click Here to Read This Month's Ask A Vet!

*Psst.. Do you have a questions about your pet? Here's your chance to ask one of our vets! Send us your pet health related questions HERE for your chance to win a complimentary Wellness Exam!

Thank you for reading our June newsletter!

See you next month 🐾

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