November 20, 2020 BRE News #067: We hope to bring some BRE joy to you this season

We don’t have to tell you it’s been a crazy year. First, let’s share that we here at BRE, and our families, have been very fortunate with good health.

Second, without our normal travel we’ve been digging through our inventory and archives, wanting to make this a special BRE holiday season for fans, their families and friends. From new limited edition models to close-out specials to archive finds and lots of items in-between, we hope to deliver some joy to your mailbox these next several weeks.

We hope you find the items below as special as we do,
Gayle & Peter Brock
Celebrate the Glory of BRE’s Baja Days
Limited Edition BRE Baja 1:64 Model with Model-Sized Poster

This beautiful BRE Baja 510 model is of the #90 BRE Datsun 510 which ran in BRE’s 4 car team at the 1969 Mexican 1000 (now called the Baja 1000). Most photos of these BRE Baja racers are black & white and people are surprised when they see the vivid colors Peter Brock used to differentiate these team cars from each other. He wanted bright colors which could be easily seen in the desert if a rescue had to be made.

One of the few places you can see the colors of these BRE team cars is in the stunning poster BRE had made showing the BRE team’s four Baja 510s and its one Baja Datsun truck.

We’ve taken our original BRE Baja poster from our archives and made a 13” x 9.5” reproduction so it can be displayed perfectly alongside this model of the #90 BRE Baja Datsun 510, which the poster prominently features. The model’s packaging features the poster as well.

We are offering 46 of these numbered (01/46, 02/46, etc) models and miniature posters autographed by BRE team owner and manager, Peter Brock. Go here to get yours before they're gone!
More Baja 1000 as the Race is On!
Brock's Own BRE Baja 510 Racer from 1969

We still have some of our original limited edition numbered sets of the #89 BRE Baja 510 model that Peter Brock drove himself in the Mexican 1000 in 1969. The model is accurate to how this historically significant car sits in Brock's shop today. The model comes with two archive photographs, each numbered and autographed by Peter Brock.

If you order the new limited edition Baja #90 model above you will see the option to purchase this #89 BRE Baja limited edition set at a 50% discount. That is less than our cost but we want to spread as much joy as we can this holiday season!

Models are so much fun!
Your model creativity has entertained us all year

A highlight for us through this stay-at-home year has been the many photos people have sent us of their models, often combining their BRE cars with their Aerovault models and models of their tow vehicles. An example shown here is Randy Jaffe’s Ford F350, Aerovault trailer and BRE 240Z racer AND his BRE Nissan Titan, Aerovault and BRE 370Z. Fun!
You can create your own set as we still have Aerovault trailer models available individually and available in sets with tow vehicles (e.g. Nissan Titan, Ford F150, Toyota Tundra, Dodge Ram) as well as a few of these 3 vehicle sets with BRE Nissan Titan tow vehicle, BRE Aerovault and 50th anniversary BRE Nissan 370Z.
And don't forget, all your 1:64 scale car models will fit inside these Aerovaults.
Holiday Shirt Blow-out! (t-shirts and polos)
A great gift opportunity. If we don't have the size, get it for display

We've spent our time not traveling, going through our inventory. It's time to clean house! Another benefit is that if we can move out our current inventory we can bring in new shirts in 2021. We're even discontinuing the original BRE team shirts. These vastly reduced prices are good through the end of this year.
BRE History Shirt:
Long Sleeves $9.95
colors & sizes
Navy Blue: 3-S, 2-XL
Black: 3-S, 2-XL
Road of Champions 240Z: $9.95
3-S, 4-Lg, 5-XL, 4-XXL

Original BRE Team Shirt: $9.95
16 Small 1 Medium
50th Anniversary Wreath: $9.95
5-Small, 6-Xlarge

Road of Champions 510: $9.95
4-S,14-Lg, 5-XL
Original BRE Team Polo: $29.95
1-S, 1-M, 13-L, 1-XL
Money Fame Girls:
16-S, 13-Med, 21-L, 30-XL

50th Anniversary Z:
4-S, 11-M, 26-Lg
34-XL, 9-XXL, 8-XXXL
BRE 510 Champ Wreath Polo $29.95
3-S, 1-M, 12-L, 1-XL
Stay tuned. We expect another product or two to arrive for the holidays and we're spending a quiet Thanksgiving continuing to go through our archives. You'll be the first to know of any new (or old) treasures we decide to share!

We'll also throw in we're confirmed to be the guests of honor at the Road America Ariens Art of Wheels Vintage event September 17th-19th. We should be able to plan that far ahead, right? More news to come.

Have a safe Thanksgiving holiday,
Gayle & Peter Brock