Why do you volunteer with The Bermuda National Trust?

I had a change in my employment situation, resulting in having some free time, so I thought I should volunteer. Since we are in the midst of a pandemic, I was reluctant to have a lot of interpersonal interaction so I thought maybe there would be something I could do for the Bermuda National Trust where I could provide my time to help maintain some of their properties without having to be around lots of people. In addition, I have always appreciated the natural beauty of Bermuda and working with the Bermuda National Trust might allow me to contribute to maintaining some of Bermuda's natural environment.
What do you see as the benefits to you from volunteering with The Bermuda National Trust?

There are a few benefits from volunteering for the Bermuda National Trust. I have learned a great deal about Bermuda's natural environment. I am now able to identify many of the natural endemic and invasive plants. The work I do is very physical, so I get a good workout each time I work on site. I have had the opportunity to meet and learn from Dr. David Wingate and Myles Darrell; both have much knowledge of Bermuda's flora and fauna which they have shared with me.

How do you feel our volunteer activities could act to promote conservation, preservation and or education?
The Bermuda National Trust volunteer activities provide opportunities to teach people about the natural environment. As a result, I am sure these people will become more aware of the need for conservation and preservation.