2023 BLC MHOTY Outing

Saturday, July 15th, 7am - 3pm

Virtual - Any MN Muskie Water

Sponsor's Outing

For the first time ever, we are having a virtual outing where you can fish any Minnesota muskie water. Text Jay with a picture of you at the access in the morning with where you're fishing for your attendance point. Or a picture of you on the water letting us know where you are if you are not launching at a public access.

For a fish to count in this one, it must be caught on a lure that was manufactured by one of our fine sponsors. With our growing list of sponsors, that gives you a lot of great options to choose from. We also discussed if lures made at our annual Lure Making meetings should count. And since all of the supplies were provided by J3 Tackle and they assisted with building, we determined that YES, those would also count. 

* The bait that you caught the fish on must be in the picture.

You can check out our Sponsors page to make sure you are packing the right lures. But below is a rundown of the manufacturers whose lures will count.

Bomb Squad Baits

Chaos Tackle (and any of their brands: Big Mama, Custom X, Esox Assault, Kodiak, Shum Shum)

J3 Tackle

Kramer Bros Tackle

Llungen Lures

Musky Innovations

Musky Mayhem Tackle

Phantom Lures

Slammer Tackle

Stealth Tackle

Wade's Custom Tackle

Will Walkoviak Baits


See you "virtually" on Saturday!

Contact Jay Young to report fish caught and for your MHOTY attendance points.


Are you looking for someone to fish with? Let us know and we will add your contact info to the website for those looking.

Complete outing schedule and other MHOTY details here

MHOTY Rules/Scoring System


* Fish the entire time or just part of the day. No entry fee. Need not be a member to fish. But ONLY members can accumulate points.

* Attendance - 1 point

* Fish caught - Points earned will be the same as the release standings. A 30" fish will receive 4 points with 1 additional point for each additional inch. (i.e. - a 40" fish will receive 14 points)

* Net man. If you net a fish caught during the outing, you will receive 1 point.

* Text or call our outing director (Jay Young) at 218-821-9964 to receive your attendance point and to report any fish caught.

* The winner of any individual outing will receive a $20 Musky Tackle Online gift card. The year end MHOTY will receive a $50 Musky Tackle Online gift card and a traveling trophy filled with your favorite beverage.