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Committee Updates
In January, our team together with local architects, finalized work on several considerable parts of the project documentation for the restoration project of Beith Midrash in Bardejov's Jewish Suburbium. We were able to advance in our project with the help of a limited grant from the Ministry of Culture of Slovakia, which attributed funds to us via the Restore Your House grant scheme in 2021. Our architects worked during last year on complex plans in order to be able to commence a full restoration project in the upcoming months. We will keep you informed about our progress. We are hoping to acquire some further funds from the state grants and EU grant schemes to make sure that this beautiful building full of history finds its past grace and serves a more noble purpose.

All contributions to this project are welcome and we will be very grateful for your support.
Live From Dubai, A Time to Remember
Mr. Emil Fish and Dr. Shay Pilnik, director of the Emil A. and Jenny Fish Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Yeshiva University, partnered with the Crossroads of Civilization Museum in Dubai (the capital city of the Emirate of Dubai) on a special event commemorating International Holocaust Remembrance day on Jan. 27, 2022, watched by 100 guests in attendance and livestreamed to hundreds more from all over the world.

The program included a testimonial film of Holocaust survivor Emil Fish, created by Names Not Numbers©, and a panel discussion about Holocaust education in the 21st century, moderated by Dr. Pilnik. The panelists included Emil Fish; Ahmed Obaid Al Mansoori, founder of the museum; and Yael Grafy, chief operating officer and curator of the Holocaust exhibition in the museum.

“We promised never again,” said Fish, “but that means we must never forget. That can only happen by commemoration and education.” Dr. Pilnik questioned the guests about the pathway leading up to this historic museum exhibition and commemoration. al Mansoori explained that “in the Muslim world, we have a cultural difference about commemoration, but that does not mean that we should not take the initiative to spearhead change and to learn about one another. All our nations are linked like brothers, and we must have compassion for each other.”

Having a Holocaust exhibition in the museum, the first in an Arab land, said Grafy, provides a chance to educate the more than 200 nationalities that pass through its doors about a unique historical tragedy. She had two dreams when planning the exhibition: to have a survivor like Emil Fish share his testimony inside the museum in Dubai and to bring school groups through to teach young people about the Holocaust. Both her dreams have been fulfilled.

Other dignitaries offering remarks were the ambassadors to the UAE from Germany, Italy and Canada. Six memorial candles were lit to represent the victims of the Shoah. The panel discussion was temporarily interrupted as all fell silent during the Muslim call to prayer, a particularly poignant moment in an emotional day. Additional organizers of the event included Filomena Durante of the museum and Lois Roman of the Fish Center.
(l-r): Dr. Shay Pilnik, Ahmed Obaid Al Mansoori and Emil Fish examines artifacts in the Crossroads of Civilization Museum in Dubai
(l-r): Dr. Shay Pilnik, Yael Grafy, Emil Fish
Read the original article by Yeshiva University here:

Watch the video of the Conference on YouTube: A time To Remember - YouTube.
(The video streamed for several hours before the ceremony started, so you may fast forward the video to approximately 3:26:00).
Updated Visiting Information for
the Holocaust Memorial in Bardejov
Please note the updated information for visiting the Bardejov Holocaust Memorial:

Monday – Saturday:
10:00 – 11:00 & 15:00 – 16:00

Wednesday & Saturday:
10:00 – 11:00 & 15:00 – 16:00
Kultúrne a Turistické Centrum Bardejov
Radnicné Námestie c. 24
Tel.: +421 54 381 04 56
Mobil: +421 91 748 40 03
80th Anniversary of the first Woman Transport of Jews from Slovakia
When Himmler ordered the creation of a women’s camp in Auschwitz, so began the official systematic annihilation of Jews, which attacked, first and foremost, unmarried Jewish girls and young women between the ages of 16 and 32 the fascist government wanted to eliminate fertile bearers of the next generation of Jews. In 1942, more than 900 young Slovak women, many of them teenagers, boarded the first official Jewish transport to Auschwitz.

March 25th, 2022, marks 80 years since the first transport of Jewish women from Slovakia. We remember and honor all who were lost, and we celebrate those who survived through human connection, courage and perseverance.
Rachel Vigderhaus nee' Šimonović
A wonderful caring sister, mother, grandmother, and aunt died suddenly on Feb 1, 2022. Rachel was born in Tel Aviv, Israel 1935. She moved back to Bardejov with her family in 1939. The war prevented them from returning to Israel. Rachel, her mother Roze and sister Yehudit were survivors of the concentration camp Theresienstadt and became two of only 150 children that survived the gas chambers. They immigrated to Israel in 1949. Rachel married Dov Vigderhaus and started a family welcoming two sons and four grandsons.
Every issue, we pick a different family story from our Memorial Book to feature in the newsletter. We do this to continue honoring the memory of our Bardejov ancestors.
Family Story Spotlight
"The Martin Ehrenberg and Ružena Klafter Family"
Martin, a businessman, was born in Kemence, Hungary. His wife, Ružena, and their daughter, Alica, were born in Bardejov. Their son, Oskar, was born in Košice. The family lived on Kacvinská Street. They were not deported yet Martin and Ružena perished. Alica and Oskar survived.
Nelle, Bernard, Rose, and Gisella Klafter & Martin Ehrenberg
Oscar & Alice Ehrenberg and Friend
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