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Just a few short announcements!

June 13, 2024

We will be closed on Father’s Day, so come see us on Saturday or Monday! Lynn and I will be packing for BU—Detroit 2024!

We will be contacting you at various times this coming week with new BU pictures and information instead of writing a regular weekly newsletter. We want you to be abreast of all the new things that will be happening this week, so we (Lynn!) will be constantly posting throughout the week. Remember that Tuesday will be the formal unveiling of the new 990 machine, and we all are anxiously awaiting the MAGIC! Our floor model order was placed some time back, and we have orders already, sight unseen, for this newest and best Swiss model. In addition, I believe that there will be other models introduced at BU this year, so the anticipation abounds.  

We will be back in town June 22, probably anticipating a few days off to re-coup. There is not much downtime at BU, as I talked about earlier with you. BUT…there WILL be lots to share, to see, to tell, to inform! Look for our blasts throughout the week, send us your impressions and/or questions, and be ready to experience the Magic with us!!!

The crew here at SVQ for you…. while Lynn and I matriculate through the Magic

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