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BIG Thanks to Hickory Hut and BIG BBQ Fans!

We've got BIG news about our BIG achievement in our very first fundraising collaboration with Hickory Hut in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Salina.

During this BIG day, our supporters had the chance to trade in their Saline Stars for BIG bites of Hickory Hut BBQ, with 50% of the Saline Stars' redemption value making a BIG impact in the lives of kids in our area.

With the BIG hearts (and BIG appetites) in our community, over $1,300 in Saline Stars were redeemed on the BIG day, landing a BIG donation of over $650!

Thank you to all who participated, making this event a BIG success. Your BIG generosity and BIG spirit of giving made a BIG difference.

Let's keep the BIG momentum going and continue to support causes that are close to our hearts. If your business or nonprofit is ready to make a BIG difference in our community, email Melissa to find out how to get started!

Just launched: Stars and SUPER STARS

We are excited to announce our new rewards categories- Stars and Super Stars!

This change means we're focusing on how businesses engage with our community, not just where they're located.

Businesses that redeem as well as allow customers to earn Saline Stars are our Super Stars, rewarding users with 10% back in Saline Stars on local purchases.

Other participating businesses will offer a 5% return reward for local shoppers!

This shift allows us to better support and spotlight the businesses that make Choose Saline County unique and exciting.

Shop local. Get rewarded.

Your Impact

The Choose Saline County App was designed with a vision to create a platform that makes it easy and rewarding for you to explore, shop, and dine locally. Thanks to ARPA funding, we’ve amplified your efforts in supporting local businesses and providing our community members with tangible rewards for their loyalty and patronage.

💫 Impact of Choose Saline County💫

Since its inception, the Choose Saline County app is responsible for:

  • Over $173,000 redeemed through the program at locally-owned businesses.
  • This represents an economic impact of over $4.5 million!
  • Currently, app users hold over $70,000 in their wallets, ready to boost local businesses.

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to our local businesses. Together, we make Saline County a vibrant, thriving community.

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