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September 10th, 2023


Good afternoon, beloveds!

I trust you've been having a wonderful week.

Over the coming weeks, we have a lot in store for you to connect with the center and our community...

Check it out!


Each week, you can engage in practices that stimulate the mind, body and soul.


This Sunday, join us for special guest speaker, one of CSL's beloved Practitioners, Lisa Compton, RScP!

On Tuesday nights from 7:15 to 8:30 pm, Lisa Compton, RScP, leads the 12 Step Bridge Program...


Followed by Kundalini Yoga with Amy Stadstad who guides you through ancient yogic practices and meditation on Wednesday nights at 5:30pm...


And a study group diving into the invaluable teaches of "A Course In Miracles", led by Loretta Knowles, RScP, and Ian Guthrie from 7:00 to 8:00pm, right after Kundalini Yoga...


Plus, some very special events in the coming weeks:

  • Sunday, September 24SEVA Sunday. We will have tables and booths after church with all the ministries talking about what the church can offer our congregants and their families and how you can serve at CSL Boise

  • Tuesday, September 26Fall Accredited Classes begin

  • Wednesday, September 27thSoul Collage with Marilyn Watkins
  • And on Sunday, October 29The Fall Festival

And of course, join us every Sunday for Meditation at 10:00 am, and Service at 10:30 am

(Youth church is also open for tots through pre-teens.)

If you didn't get a chance to catch last Sunday's service, we had a deep discussion covering "The Most Important Question..."

Check it out by clicking the image or button below.

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Tune In For Last Sunday's Service Replay Here

Community Spotlight


This Week's Featured Practitioner

Donna Sheedy, RScP, wears many hats in the CSL Boise community. As a devoted practitioner, marketing manager, event organizer, and video tech, her invaluable contributions make our space more vibrant and welcoming. We're truly thankful for her efforts!


Prayer of the Week

 β€œI know that I am one with an infinite Presence that fills my life with peace, harmony and joy.” Ernest Holmes

When we are out in the beauty of nature, or within a crowd of people, we are always surrounded by the evidence of our Creator. For all that is, or ever will be, exists first in the mind of God.

Yet this same Presence, that created all that is, is not far away. Our Creator, being all that is, is also within us, radiating through us, manifesting as each individual as a unique expression of God.

It is in this state of unity that we may affirm our vision for ourselves, our community and our world. That love overcomes fear-manifesting as hate. That divine right action is rising up to restore our country to a place of greater love and equality for all people. That peace may be restored in families, communities and across the world.

Feeling great gratitude for the power within to bring these visions into reality, we release our word to the law.

And so it is!

- Jo Hughes, RScP



This Week's Musicians


Many Ways To Give

At our Center, it's the goodwill of our community that fuels our services and initiatives.

Your contributions are funneled straight into sustaining our spiritual work, keeping our space inviting, and developing fresh programs that uplift everyone.

From enhancing our digital reach to supporting local charitable organizations, each cent you give propels positive change.

Be it a single gift or ongoing support, your generosity enables us to keep doing the good work in the community we all hold dear.

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Thank you for being a beloved member of our community. We appreciate your support and look forward to connecting with you soon.

Rev. Jackie Holland



Practitioner's Corner

Our prayer team understands the transformative power of prayer and its ability to bring positivity and healing into your life. Our dedicated team of prayer warriors are ready to pray on your behalf for 30 days. We are here to support you on your journey. Submit your prayer request today and experience the power of prayer.


How To Stay Connected

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Meditative Thought

ο»Ώby Dr. Ernest S. Holmes, Founder of Science of Mind


 β€œIt is the nature of the universe to give us what we are able to take. It cannot give us more. It has given all, we have not yet accepted the greater gift.”

The Science of Mind


Special thanks to our Musical Director, Rex Miller and all of the talented musicians who support the CSL Boise! 


Click on the image to access our talented musician's websites to see where they are playing next!


We Look Forward To Seeing You At The Next Event Or Sunday Service!

ο»Ώ10 am meditation with a Practitioner

10:30 am Youth Church (tots to pre-teens)ο»Ώ

10:30 am Service at 10464 W. Garverdale Court, Boise

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