Dear Wildcat Family,

Last night, we witnessed a significant moment in the history of Piedmont Public Schools. Our board approved a bond resolution calling for a student investment plan totaling $112.98 million. If passed by patrons, this investment will play a crucial role in moving our district forward. With this plan, there is no proposed tax increase. This is due to the continued growth in our district.

We will continue to share in-depth information about all of the projects in this student investment plan. All in-district patrons who are registered voters will be eligible to vote on April 2nd.

What projects are on this bond?

Intermediate School

Elementary School

Stone Ridge Elementary Safe Room


Land for Elementary School


Deferred Maintenance

Technology Refresh

Parking pave or gravel (multiple areas, district-wide)

Playground Equipment

Playground Turf

Bleachers at F&M Bank Stadium

Band Instruments

Band Truck/Trailer

How were these projects selected?

This process started with a meeting with the Superintendent's Advisory Council - a group of community members and parents. This group collaborated to select projects they deemed most important for the students of Piedmont Schools. The district then used this information to develop a survey for our school community. The survey provided insight into what our school community finds most important as our district grows.



Dr. Drew Eichelberger


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