**** This weekend's one-day GOP state convention in Waipahu had its share of highlights and lowlights.  Only 325 delegates out of an eligible 2,000 statewide bothered to show up for the convention.  Not exactly a resurgence of Republicanism in the islands or a cause of concern for local Democrats.  But, hey, a few dozen more people attended than the previous year and were all treated to some convention memories which will last a lifetime . . .


Probably the single most memorable incident during the convention was when RINO Beth Fukumoto was booed off stage by the overwhelming majority of convention goers.  As Civil Beat reported, the progressive (i.e. liberal) GOP leader of all seven Republicans in Hawaii's State House of Representatives decided to allow delegates to ask her questions rather than giving a mundane report about what bills passed during the 2016 legislature.
Either Fukumoto mistakenly committed political suicide with her Q&A format, or this move was her premeditated and sneaky way of manufacturing a final justification for switching parties, as HIRA has previously reported Fukumoto as plotting.  During the Q&A, several delegates addressed Fukumoto from microphone stands which her minions hurriedly placed on the convention floor.  Virtually all of their questions pertained to her RINO political outlook and her closet Democrat qualities.
The Star-Advertiser reported:  "The Hawaii State Republican Convention in Waipahu on Saturday erupted into booing and catcalls when state House Minority Leader Beth Fukumoto Chang took the microphone."  "Big Mike" Palcic urged her to join the Democrat Party like her mentor Aaron "Ling" Johanson causing Fukumoto to be on the verge of tears.  Trump leader Paikai jumped on Fukumoto for her refusal to back her fellow Republican candidates.  Ewa Beach GOP state house contender Bryan Jeremiah expressed that he was sick of the minority caucus acting like Democrats.
As Civil Beat reported:  The more Fukumoto Chang tried to explain her views, the angrier and louder some audience members got.  "Resign!" shouted one.  "RINO!" yelled another, referring to the term, "Republican In Name Only."

With her answers leaving a clear impression that Fukumoto is a closet Democrat, a Hillary supporter, and a politician whose policy preferences and blood run liberal blue, Fukumoto was booed off the stage after being loudly booed multiple times for her predictably RINO-ish answers.   Realizing he had lost control of the convention, Fritz Rohlfing stepped in to save his fellow RINO from being torn apart by a very unhappy audience by interrupting the exchange and cutting off the Q&A . . . a move which elicited even more boos.
According to the Star-Advertiser:  More people lined up at the microphone to challenge Fukumoto Chang, and state party Chairman Fritz Rohlfing finally called for order to try to move on to other issues and speakers. That prompted more booing, and one woman at the microphone snapped, "This is bulls-!"
Fukumoto Chang, who is the second-highest-ranking elected Republican in the state,
 remarked after the exchange, "If I needed a reason to leave, they gave me one."  That kind of talk has fueled speculation Fukumoto Chang might switch parties to join the Democrats, and she did not rule that out.  "I don't know where the party's going to be a year, or two years, or 10 years from now, so no, I haven't committed to never changing parties," she said.

Here's the shocking HIRA video about Fukumoto that started the whole anti-Fukumoto backlash that has been seen by island Republicans on Facebook and YouTube nearly 11,000 times.



Immediately following Fukumoto's disastrous ( or cunning) Q&A session, conservative GOP state senator Sam Slom repeatedly hit powerful notes by echoing the exact same strategic message which HIRA has unequivocally championed for the past seven years:  Republicans and their party organization from top to bottom must boldly and assertively challenge Democrats 24/7/365.
As Civil Beat reported:  Sam Slom, the only Republican in the state Senate, gave a rousing speech insisting Republicans have to "take it to the Democrats," who have had 60 years to improve education, transportation, the economy and the cost of living.  "They haven't done it, and we have to call them out on it!" he said, to whoops, cheers and applause. "We are not 'Democrat Lite,' we are Republicans!"
Following his speech, Slom warned Republicans in an interview with the Star-Advertiser, laying some of the blame for that erosion in the party at the feet of Lingle and party leaders who deliberately diluted the definition of what it means to be a Republican in Hawaii in order to make party membership more appealing to more people.
Slom said he believes the party is deliberately avoiding controversy by, for example, avoiding heated public debate over the party platform. Slom says the party has not adopted a new platform with specific planks on issues such as abortion in 10 years.  The House Republican minority led by Fukumoto Chang has also "bent over backwards" in recent years to prove it can work with the Democrats instead of acting as vocal critics of the Democrats, which Slom said has also hurt the local Republican Party.

Still another factor that hurts the party brand is the decision by prominent Republican candidates such as James "Duke" Aiona, Lingle's lieutenant governor, and Djou to downplay their Republican affiliations, Slom said.  " You don't see a Republican label next to their name, and in fact they don't campaign as Republicans," Slom said. "If you've got the party leaders who are running away from the brand, and you don't have very strong statements or positions, why would you want to be a Republican in Hawaii?"
Sam Slom, the only Republican left in the state Senate, lays some of the blame for that erosion in the party at the feet of Lingle and party leaders who deliberately diluted the definition of what it means to be a Republican in Hawaii in order to make party membership more appealing to more people.
GOP Senator Sam Slom told convention delegates the exact opposite message as RINO Beth Fukumoto and was cheered enthusiastically by convention-goers.  That should be an important lesson to all Republican incumbents and challenger candidates.



Real Republicans led by HIRA won a massive victory against party corruption and incompetence on Saturday.  HIRA warned delegates in advance that party officers and other RINO  insiders were planning to pull a fast one in order to stay in office through the 2018 elections.  The power grab led by Andrew Walden and Fritz Rohlfing was a sneaky attempt to change party rules so that next year's state convention would be cancelled; thereby keeping current party officers in power for a couple more years.
Thanks to HIRA's advance warnings, delegates knew about the corrupt scam before the issue even came up for a vote.  You see, party leaders tried to keep delegates completely in the dark by refusing to send out by mail or even e-mail any advance copies of the proposed rule changes or even the resolutions that party officers were planning to shove through.  All that delegates got from Walden and Rohlfing were flowery explanations of the need to hold state conventions every other year instead of annually.  But the jig was up, thanks to HIRA's warnings to delegates.
Following words of caution from delegates who had read HIRA's warnings about what Walden and Rohlfing were up to, 80% of delegates voted to kill the corrupt maneuver.
Amusingly, Walden tried to pretend it the vote was too close to call during a voice vote in which the "no" vote was much, much louder than the "yes" vote.  Then when folks were asked to stand up to show their support or disapproval for the power grab measure, it was clearly 4 to 1 against.  Walden tried to cover by stuttering: "It's, uh, hard to hear from up here".  Obviously he and Rohlfing had no problem calling winners and losers from their perch on the convention stage 40 other times when voice votes were used.
The priceless "what the hell do we do now?" look on Walden's and Rohlfing's faces when they realized their scam to grab power had failed miserably was worth the price of admission for many delegates.  Proving once again to be fake conservatives who protect the RINO control of the Hawaii GOP at all costs, Andrew Walden and Fritz Rohlfing now have to figure out a new way to abuse their positions and party resources ( such as member contact databases) to keep control of the Hawaii GOP past May 2017You can be sure they're already back at work hatching a new crooked scheme to keep conservatives and real Republicans from becoming party officers and fixing the party's direction . . .  new blood which could be doing the exact kind of 24/7/365 work that Sam Slom and HIRA have been pushing for.


To many, The Prophet Nathan Paikai revealed himself to be a complete sociopath in addition to a total psychopath during a meeting of delegates to the Republican National Convention held immediately following the state convention.  Before anyone could say a word, God's self-proclaimed prophet on earth demonstrated the not-so-fine points of his anything-but-mainstream quasi-religious beliefs when he abruptly bellowed to the assembled delegates for Trump, Cruz, and Rubio words to the effect:  "We won, you guys lost.  I'm in charge now.  This is the way it's gonna be.  We don't need to vote on anything.  From here on out, I'll tell you how things will run.  Remember, we won.  And, you know, if you guys had won, you'd do the same thing as me which it totally take over and call all the shots.  So listen up.  I have a letter right here which states exactly what's going to happen from now on.  You better listen.  This is how it's gonna be."  And, mind you, that was just the lead-in to the discussion about selecting matching aloha shirts to wear in Cleveland.

Ultimately, after losing the initial secret ballot vote to become "Delegation Chairman", Paikai narrowly prevailed in becoming the official face and voice of Hawaii's GOP for a full week at the Cleveland convention in a 10 to 9 decisionThat's gonna be some really interesting TV watching -- if you like watching trainwrecks and car crashes.  Hopefully, the party's memo sent to candidate Donald Trump about 'toning things down' will also get sent to "God's Prophet" Nathan Paikai -- Miriam Hellreich's #1 endorser and current political partner.  Clearly, something's not quite right with this guy who has forgotten most of what is written in the Holy Bible as reflected in his truly arrogant and off-putting dictatorial behavior.  But maybe The Prophet will read the Trump memo about behaving better and will seek the professional ( and spiritual) help he desperately needs.

For people who had to endure the delegation meeting with The Prophet Nathan Paikai, this horrible experience was almost enough to make them forget the sheer joy of watching closet Democrat Beth Fukumoto get booed off the stage just hours earlier.  Trump with all his momentum certainly didn't win the Hawaii caucus because of Paikai.  Not by a long shot.  But it's easy to fathom how Paikai could lose Hawaii for Trump.  Local RINO party leaders who preferred Jeb Bush to be our party's nominee might want to see Trump go down in flames here in the islands.  But it would be a shame for Paikai to destroy any hope Hawaii Republicans have in 2016 as the result of his most unholy megalomania and dictatorial tendencies.



Speaking of the need to seek professional help, sources at the State Attorney General's office apparently confirmed to HIRA's newsletter team that felony criminal indictments are still a strong possibility in the strange and still unresolved case of former GOP state legislator Richard Fale for wire fraud and for deliberately failing to disclose tens of thousands of dollars in hidden campaign income from his failed 2014 state senate race.

The widely-reported criminal investigation into Fale  possibly explains his hours of extremely bizarre behavior and his complete emotional meltdown in front of hundreds of delegates at this weekend's state GOP convention ; to include his assault of the reported whistleblower who was standing in the convention's lunch line right in front of multiple witnesses.  HPD officers detained RINO Fale shortly after the convention ended.   It's obviously tough being a political has-been living under the threat of spending five years in jail along with having to pay big fines .  Still, Fale got some face time while speaking at the microphone in favor of Mary Smart's ill-fated candidacy for national committeewoman in return for her big money donations to his own ill-fated campaign.  MORE ON THIS CRAZY STORY COMING SOON.



Marcia Tagavilla, Fritz Rohlfing's $120,000 choice to be the Hawaii GOP's executive director was roundly criticized on Saturday afternoon by a large number of Hawaii's delegates to the national convention for doing a 'terrible job organizing the Hawaii GOP's delegation to Cleveland'.  The decision to reject Rohlfing's executive director Tagavilla to serve in the capacity of Delegation Aide and unceremoniously uninvite her from the convention was both shocking and embarrassing.  It was just more evidence of the remarkably bad judgment call by Rohlfing to hire Tagavilla in the first place.  The national delegates then turned their focus to possibly filling the job using RINO Cindy Vaillancourt, RINO state legislator Lauren Cheape's chief aide at the State Capitol.  Vaillancourt is the opportunist who recently led the "Sam Slom Death Watch" by pulling nomination papers to run for Gene Ward's house seat in hopes that Ward would run for the ailing Slom's senate seat; leaving Vaillancourt to seem like a vulture waiting on a nearby tree branch for Sam Slom (Hawaii's most conservative legislator) to die. Chances of a 'misunderstanding' are pretty low, since everyone concerned works a few feet from each other in the same building.  That's how the "progressive Republican" wing of Hawaii's fake GOP is working for you.  Here's the story from Civil Beat.


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