Volume 46 | September 2018
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KHSD Community Forum
Lamont Farmers Market
Sisters Healing Together

Each summer, The California Endowment creates a safe and encouraging space for young leaders from all 14 BHC sites. Holding separate events for young men and young women, the Boys and Men of Color and the Sisterhood Rising camps have become annual events valued by both adult and youth participants.

Attending for the second year, Margie Madera, who is based at the Lamont branch of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Kern County, chaperoned five young women from South Kern. Three of the South Kern participants have attended in the past, and consequently, they had the opportunity to take on a leadership role. Both first time and returning participants were changed by the experience, which afforded attendees the opportunity to learn life skills in a supportive setting. As one young participant said, " Everyone goes through some struggles at one point in life. With the support of the sisterhood, this provides us with the skills to keep going."
Supporting Our Parks
Creating safe places to play and exercise is vital for a healthy community! BHC-Kern partners have been working with County officials to ensure that our parks are places we want to be. Approved for the 2018-2019 County budget, $4.6 million has been allocated for parks and recreation. Each supervisory district received $250,000 for discretionary park maintenance; $410,000 was allocated to specific park improvements (including the parking lots for both Lamont and Greenfield Parks). The largest part of the allocation, $3 million ($2 million of which is from the 2017-2018 budget), will be used to leverage funding for park investments.
Internship Opportunity for BC & CSUB Students
Building Healthy Communities-Kern 
Stanley Eugene Clark – Social Justice Internship 

Building Healthy Communities–Kern (BHC-K), in partnership with CSUB Political Science and Bakersfield College Public Health Sciences, invites currently enrolled college students with a commitment and passion for social justice to serve as Stanley Eugene Clark Social Justice interns assisting BHC Partner Organizations in their preparation for activities related to 2020 Census roll out.  

BHC-K Partner Organizations serve people and communities from varied economic, social, racial, and cultural backgrounds. The Stanley Eugene Clark Social Justice Interns should enjoy a challenge, be passionate about the work, and be committed to social justice, racial and health equity, highly motivated, and able to work with minimum supervision.

For more information email Alejandra Garcia, the BHC-Kern Strategic and Policy Facilitator.

Call For Census Workers
Apply now for job opportunities with the Census Bureau in Kern County as they prepare for the 2020 Census! Click here for more information.
Building Healthy Communities| 9000 Stockdale Hwy| Bakersfield| CA| 93309

We have the power to build healthy communities for the next generation! 
A #HealthyKernCounty benefits us all