Volume 56 | July 2019
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Delano's Day of Action

In June, Delano's LGBTQ+ Alliance held a day of action to celebrate Pride Month. Activities included speakers, a 2-mile march, and a healing circle. Read Marivel Servin's experience leading up to and participating in the celebration, and the commitment young people are making to create a culture that readily includes the LGBTQ+ community.
Lamont Farmers Market Is A Smashing Success
Thanks to young volunteers from the Lamont Boys & Girls Club and the Greenfield Walking Group, the Lamont Farmers Market earlier this month was a great success. Eight to ten youth from each organization braved hours in the hot sun to help more than 400 people select fresh produce for their families. Also contributing were adult volunteers from BHC-Kern partners Committee for a Better Arvin, United Farm Workers, Visión y Compromiso, and Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability. Promotoras were on hand handing out water to those waiting in the extremely warm temperatures. It was truly a collaborative event!"
Partners In the Spotlight
Over the past few weeks, several BHC-Kern partners have been highlighted in local media. Click on the links below to read about their accomplishments.

The Greenfield Walking Group received a grant to improve three parks in their area!

Adeyinka Glover with Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability explains city budget spending and the importance of engaging residents in setting priorities.

Nataly Santamaria from Visión y Compromiso speaks up for #Health4All.

Jakara Movement's Manpreet Kaur was featured as one of Bakersfield Life's Magazine 20 Under 40 People to Watch.

Foothill High School teacher Anthony Fuentes shares the importance of having a diverse teaching staff.
Greenfield Farmers Market

August 8

3:00 pm

Liberty Christian Church
8801 S. H Street

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