Weekend Event Coming to Spokane
In May, BEMA experimented with a weekend event in Boise, ID, called  HAYAMIM: A Proposal . It was a great time of encouragement and brainstorming together, as well as meeting other BEMA listeners and like-minded people. After gathering some feedback from those who attended, we are prepared to make some adjustments and try it again. So this time, we are bringing the event to Spokane, WA!

The goal of this event is obviously to wrestle with the content, but it is also designed to help us mobilize and meet others from the region in the BEMA network. If you listen from the area of Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, or even the Palouse, consider joining us for  HAYAMIM: A Proposal September 13-15.

Tickets are free, but we will be asking for cash donations as well as doing additional fundraising at the event.  We also are asking for an online RSVP so that we can have the appropriate venue ready.  Please RSVP and find out more by clicking on the button below.
Low Contact Israel Trip
Registration for our low contact Israel trip (May 17-30, 2020) is now open. Make sure to watch the orientation video before registering. If you have any questions, please email Marty .
What's Happening Around the Globe?
Brian's BEMA Discussion Groups
This is Brian.

His friend, fellow podrishioner, and BEMA guest, Jim Feicht, introduced Brian to Marty’s teachings in 2013. As he listened to Marty, he was the same as Saul, whose scales fell from his eyes in the book of Acts.

“Can’t say I heard any voices or saw any bright lights, but pretty sure lots of scales fell from my eyes and heart.”

For the first time in forty years, he was a “card-carrying participant” of his faith, beliefs, and actions. As he listened to BEMA, he studied and prayed. His appetite continually grew. The more he devoured the Word, the more he hungered for the Word. He transitioned from doing the right things he was “supposed to do” to doing things as an outpouring of being wholly invested in the languages and cultures of the authors and audiences of the Bible.

Over the course of three years, Brian watched his life change. The more he learned the Text in context, owned its teachings, and viscerally followed them, he discovered he had been focused on knowing the Bible, and not on living out the teachings of the Bible.

He was confronted with the question, “Am I going to actually follow, and would it matter?”

As his actions aligned with what he was learning, his opportunities to live out what he was learning presented themselves. He slowly began to feel a tug and a passion to bring the changes he was experiencing to others. He suggested to his pastor that he might start a small group within the church to discuss the eastern perspective, context, and the Hebrew mindset. He started going through the Text from front to back with a group of six to eight people for two years, and they have now finished the Old Testament. This summer, Brian and his family moved 60 miles away from their group and their church, but they still drive back every Monday to facilitate their group of “Texters.”

Having moved to a new home and a new church, Brian again went to his pastor with fear and trepidation and offered to start a group that might discuss the Text in context, through an eastern perspective and a Hebrew mindset. His pastor agreed he could start a group and see who was interested. Continuing to use BEMA as a launching point for his group materials, research, and questions, he is now a tour guide for a whole new group of people who are experiencing the Text in context for the first time.

Now with BEMA as his vehicle and Marty as his mentor, Brian gets to bless so many new people in the same way Jim blessed Brian six years ago with a different way of looking at the Text through the eyes of context.

One of Brian's groups
Marty visiting with Brian's group
Marty or Brent may be coming to your neck of the woods. Reach out via the contact button at the bottom of this email and see if there is some time you can meet up with them or attend the event. If more information is available, we will include it below.

SEPTEMBER 13-15: HAYAMIM: A Proposal in Spokane, WA
SEPTEMBER 19-24: Marty at Impact Prayer Journey in Albany, NY
SEPTEMBER 25-27: Brent in Wichita, KS

OCTOBER 3-7:  Marty in South Bend, IN
OCTOBER 22-28: Marty at CCF @ Truman State University and student retreat
OCTOBER:  Registration for BEMA Israel 2020 (full contact) opens

NOVEMBER 12-19:  Marty at ICOM in Kansas City
NOVEMBER 20-24:  Marty in Las Vegas
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