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February 2024 Issue

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Virtual Vision: Crafting Your Small Business Online Presence

Thursday, March 7th, 2024

5:30pm - 7:30pm

St. George's Incubator Hub

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Entrepreneurship 101

March 19th - May 7th

Weekly Sessions Every Tuesday

6:00pm - 8:15pm

BEDC Main Office

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Bermuda Business Spotlight

This month, we're highlighting Camille Creary of Cocoon Work, who was recently awarded first place in the Pitch Town category at the Rocket Pitch Competition. Cocoon Work uses a unique approach, combining therapeutic tools, personalized experiences, and one-on-one therapy to offer a journey of self-analysis. This process is filled with encouragement and accountability, designed to help individuals discover and embody their ideal selves.

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Did You Know?

BEDC offers a wealth of resources and documents on our website that are invaluable for your business journey. Be sure to explore them!

This month, we focus on the Profit & Loss Statement, an important document for managing your business effectively. It's a straightforward tool that outlines your business's financial performance, offering a clear view of income and expenses. Designed as a spreadsheet, it simplifies tracking your financial health, aiding in better decision-making. By providing insights into profits and losses, it supports the strategic planning necessary for your business' growth.


Mind Your Business Podcast

Tune in to find out how to mind your business with BEDC, special guest entrepreneurs, industry experts and more. This month we featured:

Donte Hunt, BEDC

Kimwana Eve, Lookie Lookie

Nkenge Warren-Swan & Corville Hylton, Bermuda Toastmasters

Reva Minors, Loquat Roots


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BEDC How-To Guides

Are you looking to start a business in Bermuda but don't know where to begin? Let our How-To Guides help you! BEDC has curated a host of industry specific guides that outline specific information, requirements and the necessary processes for getting your business off the ground. 



Looking to get your business online? Join the ByBermuda virtual market today! It's a unique opportunity to showcase your business online, accept online payments without any cost, and connect with a wider audience. All at no charge to you. Sign up now!


This Month at BEDC / The Highlights

Innovate to Differentiate

Held on February 1st at the North East Hamilton Incubator Hub, this seminar featured Norris Ebbin and Roche Wolffe in a panel discussion on standing out in saturated markets. Attendees learned differentiation and innovation strategies for business success. The event provided practical advice, interactive Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities. Watch the highlight video below for key moments and insights.


Small Business Expo

On Feb 3rd, BEDC held the Small Business Expo at Willowbank Conference Center in Somerset EEZ, featuring over 20 businesses and discussions on shipping, food commerce, payment processing, and telecoms, aimed at gearing up entrepreneurs for 2024. Click below to watch the highlights and discover insights from this supportive event for Bermuda's entrepreneurs and small business owners preparing for the year ahead.


Think Like an Entrepreneur

The 'Think Like an Entrepreneur' course, hosted by BEDC and facilitated by Ray Lambert, is currently halfway through its eight-week duration. This course, inspired by the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program, equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills to spot opportunities, set goals, and bring their business ideas to life in a practical and impactful way.

Happening in the Community

Community Vendor's Market

Mark your calendars for an exciting day at the Community Vendors' Market, March 16, 2024! Located at the Leopards Club, Hamilton, indulge in unique finds and delightful deals. Enjoy the backdrop of lively tunes while you shop.

Be sure to experience the vibrant community spirit from 10 AM to 6 PM!

For more information, be sure to call 297-1624 or email

Uptown Market

Inviting vendors and artists to showcase their talents at the Heritage Day Coming Home and Uptown Market on May 24th. This market offers a unique platform for community engagement through culture, art, and entertainment.

Interested participants should download the application form using the link provided and submit it to and


Chamber of Commerce Business Barometer Survey

The Bermuda Chamber of Commerce seeks input on local business challenges, including staffing issues and rising operational costs, as well as financial improvements. Feedback is essential for a comprehensive analysis.

Participants will receive the full report, with sector insights provided for groups of 10 or more. Contributions will shape future support.


Survey for Women Entrepreneurs in Bermuda

UN Women, the BEDC, and the Ministry of Youth, Social Development, and Seniors are conducting a survey for a Needs Assessment on Financial Instruments for Women-owned MSMEs in Bermuda, focusing on Sustainable Tourism, Agriculture, and Cultural/Creative Industries.

Women entrepreneurs are encouraged to participate; it takes 10 minutes and ensures confidentiality. The dealine to complete is March 4th, 2024.


BEDC Monthly Product Spotlight

Vending License Program

The Vending and Vendor Market Programme was created to facilitate micro-enterprise in Bermuda and to provide an pathway for budding entrepreneurs and small roadside vendors to test their products and organically grow their business before being committed to a storefront location.

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