January - February 2017
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In this special issue we highlight key achievements and gaps during the transition from institutional to family- and community-based care for children in Europe. It is a joint collaboration with the Opening Doors for Europe's Children campaign - a pan-European campaign advocating for strengthening families and ending institutional care. Through partnership between five international organisations: Eurochild, Hope and Homes for Children, SOS Children's Villages International, International Foster Care Organisation (IFCO), the European branch of the International Federation of Educative Communities (FICE Europe) and civil society organisations in 15 European countries, the campaign aims to support national efforts to develop child protection systems that strengthen families and ensure high-quality family- and community-based alternative care for children by leveraging EU funding and policy, and building capacity in civil society.
We look at the evidence on deinstitutionalisation (DI) and status of care reforms across Europe in 2016 - from EU neighbourhood and pre-accession countries to EU member states, most of which are currently being challenged by the migration and refugee crisis. This issue celebrates key achievements and highlights challenges towards implementing care reforms across Europe. It focuses on policies that regulate deinstitutionalisation and prevention of child abandonment; engagement of civil society; existing know-hows; access to community-based services, and use of EU funds.
To help national governments transform the national child protection systems based on institutional care and convert changes towards the development of integrated child-centred protection systems that strengthen families and prevent unnecessary separation of children, the right decisions and a concerted political will are needed. Much can be learned through the experience developed at national level if it can be harnessed and shared across the European region as well as globally.
Florence Martin, Director, Better Care Network
Jana Hainsworth, Secretary General, Eurochild

Hundreds of thousands of children across Europe are growing up in institutional care. The consequences are devastating for children, families and society.  Opening Doors for Europe's Children  - a pan-European campaign advocating for strengthening families and ending institutional care - has created a new generation of country fact sheets   that document the evidence on deinstitutionalisation (DI) and the status of implementing care reforms during the transition from institutional to family- and community-based care in  15 European countries.  The latest country snapshots look at recent, comparable and country-specific information on characteristics and the functioning of the child protection and care systems across EU member states, pre-accession countries and countries within the EU neighbourhood. Continued...

Deinstitutionalization Across Europe and Beyond

The Focus Section brings together research and other documentation published over the past year or two on a particular theme or region. Its aim is to draw attention to the growing body of knowledge developing on the issue and help busy practitioners keep abreast of learning and changes.

Across Europe

Advocating for Social Services for the Benefit of All Children and Their Families
This report from Opening Doors discusses the Opening Doors II pan-European campaign launched in Chisinau, Moldova.

The Illusion of Protection
Halyna Postoliuk, Country Director of Hope and Homes for Children in Ukraine, shares the story of Maxim, an adolescent who has spent the majority of his life in institutional care.

Ending institutionalisation: An assessment of the outcomes for children and young people in Bulgaria who moved from institutions to the community
This report from Lumos reveals that children who transition from institutional care into small group homes in Bulgaria have a greater quality of life.

This study reviewed data in Romania and Lithuania over extended periods to determine if there was a correlation between international adoption and institutional care. 

Beyond Europe

A Mandate to End Placement of Children in Institutions and Orphanages: The Duty of Governments and Donors to Prevent Segregation and Torture This article by Eric Rosenthal from Disability Rights International describes how the protection against torture and ill-treatment can and must be enforced to protect children subject to detention in institutions. 

Alternative Child Care and Deinstitutionalisation: A Case Study of Indonesia
Including research from MoSA and Save the Children, this report from SOS Children's Villages provides a case study of alternative care in Indonesia and identifies key areas of change for child care reform.

Alternative Child Care and Deinstitutionalisation in Asia: Findings of a desk review
While addressing the several reasons children are placed in care, this desk review from SOS Children's Villages takes an in-depth look at efforts towards deinstitutionalisation in Asia.

In May, 2016, 77 diverse children's care stakeholders from government ministries, UN agencies, civil society, donors, academia and the media came together in Lusaka over three days to take part in a national consultation to accelerate the national child care reform process in Zambia. This report documents the discussions and key recommendations adopted at the meeting.

Combatting dependency and promoting child protection in Rwanda
External aid, along with the stress of protracted displacement can force changes in family structures and caregiving practices, thus threatening the family structure.  In the most extreme cases, researchers found that parents may leave the family or a child, rationalising that the children would be better off without the parent or on their own.

No Child Should Grow Up Like This: Identifying long term outcomes of Forgotten Australians, Child Migrants and Stolen Generations
Considered an invaluable contribution to Australia's efforts to account for past oversights in care, this report documents experiences of Australia's care leavers.

Understanding the Situation

Ethiopia Child Protection Factsheet
In this Ethiopia Child Protection Fact Sheet, UNHCR provides the main child protection highlights, issues, and trends for 2014 to 2016, in particular relating to the large influx of unaccompanied and separated children entering Ethiopia.  

State of the Nation's Foster Care 2016: What foster carers think and feel about fostering
Key findings on the state of the UK's foster care system note that while most foster carers desire to continue fostering children, only 55% would recommend fostering to others.

After the Fire: Survivors of Hogar Seguro Virgen de la Asuncion at risk - Findings and Recommendations for Action 
Disability Rights International visited survivors of Hogar Seguro Virgen de la Asunción in  Guatemala and found that they face immediate dangers that include detention in other institutions, segregation, and abuse.

Knowledge and attitudes towards disability in Moldova: A qualitative study of young people's views
This study, which consisted of three semi-structured focus group interviews with schoolchildren, found that people with disabilities in Moldova experienced negative cultural attitudes due to outdated perceptions of disability.

Innocenti Research Brief - Parenting Interventions: How well do they transport from one country to another?
This brief summarizes findings from two global, systematic reviews on the effectiveness of parenting interventions. Parenting interventions appear to be at least as effective, when transported to countries that are different culturally and in their service provision, from those developed for a specific national or cultural context. 

Continuity of care in youth services: A systematic review
Aiming to gain a better understanding of youth perceptions of continuity of service, this article examines youth care interventions pertaining to continuity of care.  

What does the future hold for Ukraine's children in care?
Ukraine still operates on a Soviet-era care model.  This article from ODR discusses deinstitutionalisation challenges facing the government and supporting care organisations.

The prevention of violence in childhood through parenting programmes: a global review
This global review examines past systematic reviews to determine whether parenting interventions help prevent child maltreatment.  

The Multi-Country Study on the Drivers of Violence Affecting Children: A Cross-Country Snapshot of Findings
By examining Italy, Peru, Viet Nam, and Zimbabwe through a multi-level socio-ecological framework, this study found that multiple drivers were interconnected in determining a child's risk of violence.
Policies and Standards
Out-of-home placement and regional variations in poverty and health and social services spending: A multilevel analysis
This study from Quebec, Canada found that absolute poverty had an effect on children's risk of out-of-home placement.

Towards the Right Care for Children: Orientations for reforming alternative care systems - Africa, Asia, Latin America
This synthesis report contains findings from a study that conducted research in six South and Central American, Asian and African countries for the purpose of gaining understanding of the nature, extent, and scope of institutionalization and the feasibility of deinstitutionlisation.
Learning from Practice
Analyzing chronological data, this book discusses the politics and practice of intercountry adoption starting with the state of international adoption to in the 1950s and continuing to present-day adoption practice and protections.

This abstract relays the findings of a survey on informal carers' views and opinions under the current conditions of social support in the Czech Republic
. The survey was based on theoretical concepts of caring societies, deinstitutionalization, refamilization, and integrated community care and aimed to shed light on caring families' experiences and ne eds in the Czech Republic. 

Since the shut down of its disabled children's institutions, Bulgaria has faced new challenges in providing care to its most vulnerable population.
In this issue, we highlight the care-related Concluding Observations adopted by the Committee on the Rights of the Child at its 74th Session held in February 2017, with a particular focus on sections addressing children's care.
Click below to read the Country Care Reviews for the following countries: 


RISE Webinar Series on Monitoring and Evaluation of Reintegration Programmes
This video provides a brief context of child participation and participatory methods.

Child and Youth Participation in Monitoring and Evaluation of Reintegration
Child and Youth Participation in Monitoring and Evaluation of Reintegration

Early Intervention - Erken Mudaxile
Early intervention is the preferred method for protecting the well-being of children.

The importance of early intervention

Animation: Alternatives to Detention for Children
This short animation tells the story of a young boy and girl forced to flee their homes, and how detention can be avoided in order to complete their migration status.

Animation: Alternatives to Detention for Children
Animation: Alternatives to Detention for Children


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Fortaleciendo los habilidades para el trabajo con familias
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Caring for vulnerable children - Free Online Course
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Getting Care Right for All Children: Implementing the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children
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