Todays industry update includes:

  • BCHA December Industry Pulse Check Results
  • Government Relief Program Advisor
  • Greater Vancouver Board of Trade Business Reinvention Awards
  • Upcoming Education - Royal Roads
  • Member Feature- Rethink2gether
  • In the News
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BCHA Industry Pulse Check
The BCHA has continued to work with all levels of government, along with our key partners and industry stakeholders, to support the needs of our industry. Below are the results of our most recent industry pulse check survey for December.

Without new financing, how long can you continue to pay on-going expenses?
By what percent do you expect revenue will decline in January compared to the prior year?
Based on feedback provided, your advocacy priorities are as follows:
1. Extending the 75% Wage Subsidy
2. Further expanding eligibility for the Small and Medium Sized Business program
3. Expanding eligibility for CEWS program
4. Property tax relief
5. Securing liquidity
6. Insurance Issues
Below are the forecasted occupancy rates for the province until April 2021.
Need Help? Connect with a Program Advisor
Need help navigating government programs for relief? The BC Tourism Resiliency Network is available for support. Click the link below to connect with a Program Advisor in your region. Taking steps to secure relief can be challenging but this network is here to help.
Greater Vancouver Board of Trade
Business Reinvention Awards
The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade’s Scale-up Centre for SMEs (SCS) is pleased to announce the 2021 Business Reinvention Awards.The purpose of these new awards is to recognize businesses who have reinvented, adapted, and shown resiliency in the face of all challenges and barriers in 2020.

It’s undeniable that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about some very difficult times to us all, but it has also shown us how businesses are able to get creative and reinvent themselves in order to adapt to the situation and not only survive, but also thrive in the face of adversity. This is what the Business Reinvention Awards 2021 is all about! We want to recognize businesses who have reinvented, adapted, and shown resiliency in the face of all challenges and barriers in 2020.
So, if you know – or are - an outstanding SME that has reinvented itself during the current crisis, you can submit a nomination using this form!
Award Categories:
  • Reinvention Award
Recognizes a business that quickly and strategically reinvented their business model and implemented new procedures to serve their customers as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Excellence in Collaboration Award
Recognizes two or more businesses that have successfully partnered together to remain afloat and overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Healthy Workplace Award
Recognizes a business that has successfully engaged their employees through the pandemic. They have influenced employee motivation and happiness and created an overall positive workplace culture.
  • Environmental Leader Award
Recognizes a business that has established and implemented sustainable policies to reduce the environmental impacts of their products or service-offerings.
  • Domestic Growth Award
Recognizes a business that achieved significant growth in sales, staff, and impact within Canada.
The virtual event will be held on February 26, 2021, but nominations are due on Friday, January 15, so make sure to submit yours by then. Good Luck! And hope to see you in the celebratory event!
Upcoming Education
Professional and Continuing Studies at Royal Roads University

The following micro-credentials are fully funded through the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills, and Training for qualifying applicants - those living in BC who might meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • unemployed or underemployed
  • currently underemployed in a sector severely impacted by COVID-19 (retail, tourism, hospitality, etc.)
  • Those who are referred from an employment, government or social service agency, or non-profit organization specializing in employment or skills training
  • Small- or medium-sized business owners 
  • Those with financial barriers to education

  • Leading Projects in a Digital Environment
This course equips participants with key skills and tools required to successfully manage and lead projects, and associated project teams, through an ever-shifting digital landscape. Participants will explore innovative approaches to project leadership and change management and increase their own resilience and adaptability to ever-changing conditions within digital environments.
Duration: 8-week online program
Start dates: January 25 and February 15 2021
Apply by: January 15, 2021

  • Workplace Communication Skills
Effective, professional communication skills are essential in today's workplace. Learn the tools that enable you to communicate with clarity and impact; effectively manage conflict; navigate difficult conversations and develop mindful listening and communication techniques. By increasing these skills, you minimize the potential for misunderstandings and increase your ability to inspire through clear and focused communication strategies.
Duration: 4-week facilitated online course
Start dates: January 25, February 22, March 22 2021
Apply by: January 15, 2021

In addition, Royal Roads is offering the below online course at a 50% reduced rate for BCHA members

  • Sales Strategies During Times of Uncertainty
External market impacts often require that companies and their sales professionals engage with traditional and new markets differently. Economic factors may have substantially changed the competitive landscape and the dynamics of the client – vendor relationship. The hospitality and tourism industry, specifically, has unique challenges during these periods and with perishable inventory, sales professionals will be under pressure to increase volume when the market may be restricted or hesitant to travel.
Course runs February 8 - March 7, 2021
Member Feature
Looking for a high ROI solution? In BC, an average restaurant spends $50,000 annually on wasted food. Hotels using Food Intel Tech (FIT) have experienced a reduction in food waste by 20 to 50%. This new technology, awarded Solar Impulse Efficient Solution 2020, is currently available for free for 2 months! The best time to save money is now.

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